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5.8A Dual USB Type-C and USB-A Charging Outlet, 15A/125V Tamper-Resistant – White

(6 customer reviews)


• Total output 5.8A/5VDC, 29W
• Type A USB: 2.4A, Type C USB: 3.0A, 5VDC
• Does not support fast charge technology
• Does NOT charge Type-C laptops, such as MacBook Pro, HP Spectre, etc.
• Intellichip technology delivers optimum power
• Protects from overcharging or overheating
• Duplex tamper-resistant outlet complies with 2017 NEC, Article 406.12
• 125VAC, 15A receptacle; dual USB ports total 29W
• UL listed

Wall plate sold separately

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USB Type-C and Type-A Combo In-Wall Charging Outlet (5.8A): TU21558AC-W

Ideal for today’s connected homes and businesses, the TOPGREENER TU21558AC puts several different charging options in a 1-gang wall outlet.

The TU21558AC is a USB outlet that supports USB Type-C and Type-A devices. Simply insert your cables into the appropriate USB port and your device will begin charging without needing an AC power adapter. Since the USB ports have a collective output of 5.8 amps, the TU21558AC smart outlet can support your devices to charge at top speed. Wall plate sold separately.

5.8 Amp Electricity Output
TU21558AC USB outlet offers a higher charging speed than traditional AC power adapters. With a collective output of 5.8 amps, the TU21558AC USB outlet can fully charge your device at the fastest speed.

TU21558AC’s IntelliChip technology utilizes overcharge protection and short circuit protection. You can charge your smart devices with a peace of mind. The USB outlet is UL listed.

Keeping Up With The Latest Technology
Eliminate plug confusion and charging adapters with the revolutionary Type-C and Type-A USB charging outlet. USB Type C features a reversible connector that allows you to plug cables in in any direction. Upgrade and modernize your home by simultaneously charging Type-A and Type-C portable devices. The TU21558AC Type-C port charges up to 5V/3.0A, the Type-A port charges up to 5V/2.4A, and the outlet has a combined total of 5.8A charging output. With the TU21558AC, power old devices and be ready for new devices with the combination Type-C and Type-A USB charging ports. (Please note that the USB ports do not support Qualcomm Quick Charge technologies.)

A Convenient Charging Station For You And Your Family
The TU21558AC USB outlet gives you more locations to charge your devices than a traditional duplex receptacle. The AC receptacles are still available to power appliances while charging devices on USB receptacles. Next time your friends and family visit, feel free to have them enjoy the convenience of charging their devices in TU21558AC.

Ideal For Today’s And Tomorrow’s Devices
The TU21558AC USB type-C and type-A combo outlet is one of our most versatile products. USB-A is the common rectangular protocol that has been used for years in phones, cameras, and other devices. USB-C is a newer, rounded connection that’s becoming increasingly popular with many manufacturers.


Technical Specifications

Material Thermoplastic, Metal
USB Output 5.8A
Receptacle Amperage 15A; 125VAC
Number of USB Ports 2
Wall Plate Included Yes
Overcharge Protection Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.78″ x 1.71″ x 2.71″




USB Amperage

USB Type


Fast Charging

Number of USB Ports


Shipping Weight

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6 reviews for 5.8A Dual USB Type-C and USB-A Charging Outlet, 15A/125V Tamper-Resistant – White

  1. Big Boy (store manager)

    Now that we all have USB 3 capable mobile devices, we though if having one outlet by the bed which support USB 3.
    This is an excellent USB 3 and normal USB powering outlet with normal three prong outelts as well.
    Installing it was easy as I have some experience with this kind of plugs. Otherwise they have provided a very informative manual as we.
    The outlet came with three different colors of face covers black beige and white for our choice. That’s a cool idea.
    They also have a very strong USB 3 cable which has USB 3 end on both sides. This cable is of top quality and charges our phones very fast.
    Overall it’s been very useful since we installed it by our bed.

  2. Janalive (store manager)

    Recently bought an iPad that uses USB C connectors. I charge my devices mainly at two locations in the house. (Note: five outlets already have USB A ports.) Forrunately, one multiple adapter I purchased from Amazon that is under the couch already had 2 USB A and 1 USB C ports. So the one I replaced is by the bed. Easy to install (I am a 75 year-old grandmother of 10, admittedly with lots of building/dyi experience) and has very clear directions. Both ports and outlets function perfectly. Loved that the outlet cover included also
    came in ivory, which matches all our other outlets. PS I am going to put the one I took out in place of a second outlet in the guest bedroom, which does not have USB. A win/win.

  3. Leif Larson (store manager)

    The description is not correct. It no longer comes with a different color faceplate, the box it comes with has a sticker over the FREE faceplate listed on the side.

    With out the other faceplate it is more expensive then other outlets that do the same thing. Outlet worked good otherwise

  4. Christopher N. (store manager)

    I installed this very quickly with no issues. Wiring it up was no problem, and I’m NOT a big handyman type. After installation, it worked perfectly. My only issue was a ME problem, not a product problem. I was hoping for quick charge on my devices that support it, and this particular outlet does not support Quick Charge. They offer one that does, but it doesn’t have both USB-C, USB-A and two outlets, as this one does. So I’ll live with this for now, because it still looks great and works just fine. Kudos all around. A well made product.

  5. AShopster (store manager)

    I am not an electrician but I have replaced many electrical outlets before. This product follows the standard procedures like any plugs, very easy to do. The two usb plugs are fast charge, I own a Google pixel 3a and the fast charge activates. I highly recommend for people that want a cleaner install and versatility. Single line only connection.

  6. Wayback Amazoner (store manager)

    Very convenient, USB-C charge time incredible. My contractor insisted I get a couple of these to install in our kitchen. He was right. If you pair these with a couple 6-9 inch (don’t get a whole foot) USB cords you can charge whenever you’re in the kitchen or around it without cluttering up the counter or having the outlet piece. The USB-C in particular has a shockingly fast charge time that exceeds everything else in my house. When I really need my iPhone charged quickly I do it here and in 15-20 minutes I’m probably at 75% it’s incredible. The tiny downside is if you plug other stuff in here that has a larger ac adapter, like an Amazon echo for instance, it might block the USB ports.

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