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The front porch or patio can be a great place to relax on warm afternoons and evenings, but only if you make it one first. Like any other part of your home, the front patio will only feel as welcoming and comfortable as you make it with furniture, decorations, and happy memories. Still, fortunately, a hospitable patio is easy to create. Having a hard time? Don’t worry, here are 7 front porch ideas to inspire you:


  • Provide somewhere to sit – Whether it’s wicker chairs or a decorative bench, the ultimate key to comfort is having a place to rest. If you’ve got the space and really want to amp up the comfort, you can opt instead for a beautiful porch swing.


  • Express yourself with a doormat – Welcome mats come in countless shapes, sizes, and styles to suit virtually any homeowner. Use this opportunity to showcase your style, express your love for your pets, or demonstrate your hilarious sense of humor.


  • Automate your porch light – By installing a countdown timer switch, you can ensure that the porch light is never left on by mistake. This is an easy way to conserve energy and save on your electricity bills too!


  • Decorate the front door – In a similar vain as a doormat, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to express yourself with a beautiful door-hanging decoration. Wreaths and other door décor are especially fun because there are so many DIY possibilities to consider. Get creative!


  • Add some pretty plants or a small garden – Nothing says “welcome” better than some living greenery! Find plants that interest you—whether that means edible kitchen herbs, low-effort succulents, or fresh blooming flowers—and give them a new home in beautiful planters! You can even get creative on what qualifies as a planter for some really unique, stand-out patio decorations.


  • Illuminate the patio with string lights – Keep the patio cozy on warm summer nights with solar-powered string lights. There are countless varieties to choose between, from twinkling pink flowers to industrial-style bulbs; it’s just a matter of picking out the right outdoor lights to suit your patio’s aesthetic. 


  • Repaint the deck – When all else fails, you can always give the porch a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Though this is the biggest project of all the tips we’ve mentioned, it is also the one that makes the biggest difference to the look and feel of your patio. If you’re really looking to spruce up the patio this summer, it may be time for a total makeover!

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