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DIY Summer Projects

The sun is out, school is out, and you may even be running out of DIY ideas already! Summer is undoubtedly the best time for home projects, while the weather is beautiful and we all have some free time to spare. Whether you want to keep the kids occupied, spruce up the backyard, or enjoy some quiet crafting inside with the AC, we’ve got you covered! Here are 9 ideas for DIY summer projects that you’ll be proud of:



Summer Crafts for the Whole Family

  • Summer Wreath — Get the kids together and create a fashionable summer wreath for the front door! You can make a wreath out of nearly anything, so get creative! Cover a wooden wheel with faux flowers or loop a pool noodle and glue flip-flops to it. Check out this article from Good Housekeeping for more inspiration.
  • Water Garden Centerpiece — Nothing says “summer’s here” like a beautiful centerpiece made from living greenery! Instead of plopping a houseplant on the table or shoving flowers into a vase, try making a water garden centerpiece with aquatic houseplants. These gorgeous centerpieces are easy to make and instantly give any table setting a beachy, summer vibe. Follow this video tutorial from HGTV.
  • Recycled Bird Feeder — Reduce, reuse, recycle! Did you know that you can make bird feeders out of old bottles, milk cartons, and even toilet paper rolls? Making a bird feeder for the yard is shockingly fast and easy, and you’ll find that you can make one out of virtually anything


DIY Home Upgrades

  • Matching Outlets, Light Switches, and Cover Plates — Small choices can have a huge impact, especially when it comes to interior design. An easy way to spruce up the look of your home is with matching colored wall outlets, light switches, and wall plates. The Elite Series from Enerlites offers a range of high-quality devices in a wide selection of colors to match virtually any home aesthetic. 
  • Fan Speed Control Switch — Your ceiling fan will most likely be working overtime this summer, so make everyone’s lives a little easier by installing a fan speed control switch. These handy wall switches replace a standard light switch to bring 3-speed fan control conveniently to your wall. For the ultimate comfort control, you can even get a dual-technology switch like this one from TOPGREENER that controls both fan speed and light level from the same location.
  • Screen-In Your Porch — Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors this summer by adding a screen framing system to your porch or patio. A screened-in porch is ideal for enjoying the outdoors without exposing yourself to the full threats of weather and insects. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, the Home Depot has a beginner-friendly tutorial on how to screen in a porch.



Outdoor DIY Projects

  • Green Sprinkler System — Installing a smart sprinkler system may seem like a big and expensive project, but it can save you a ton of water and money in the long run. Automating your sprinklers is the best way to get the proper care for your lawn without being wasteful, which is especially important if you live in a drought-prone area like California.
  • Pallet Planters — Want to start a garden but don’t have much space to work with? We’ve got you covered! Did you know that you can create a space-savvy planter with nothing but an old wooden pallet? Pallets are easy to come by and even easier to repurpose into a vertical planter. Whether you want to grow flowers, herbs, succulents, or something else, chances are you can grow it in abundance on a pallet planter.
  • Backyard Fire Pit — If you have a backyard and don’t have a fire pit, you are seriously missing out! Everyone loves a warm summer night singing songs and roasting marshmallows around a backyard bonfire. Building your own fire pit may not be the easiest summer project, but it’s one you will be proud to enjoy season after season.

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