Great Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season


Great Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season


‘Tis the season of the holidays, and with it comes a sense of giving, care, and goodwill. In years past, there have been many different stories out there about people feeling the spirit of the season and giving back how they can. A lot of people find that the holidays are a great time to start holiday service. According to the linked article, thirty percent of non-profit donations occur during the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and 16% of adult volunteering is done during this same timeframe.


If you feel inspired to give back this season, here are a few national and local options to look into:



1. American Red Cross



The American Red Cross is always active, doing what it can for disasters or hospitals countrywide. Blood drives are held year-round, but the holidays can be a good time to give back. The most obvious way to help them is to give blood when you can. But there are other volunteer options for them if you’re feeling squeamish. Volunteers can act as blood donor ambassadors to ease the already hectic process of their blood drives, or act as blood transport specialists. Both are worthwhile and easy to sign up for.


2. Make-A-Wish Foundation


Everyone is aware of the Make-A-Wish foundation, but few know how easy it can be to help give back to those that are in need of some strength and hope during the holiday season. The foundation is a large, multi-chapter group that is always accepting volunteer help. There are multiple kinds of work available, from acting as office administrators to translators to directly helping grant wishes for those lucky children.


3. Salvation Army



The Salvation Army is far more than a place to donate old clothes. In fact, the organization has an incredibly expansive network of opportunities such as disaster relief, helping at homeless shelters, and holiday gift drives. There is even more at hand, and the holidays only make the Salvation Army that much busier. Their website allows potential volunteers to find options based on location to help out when and where they can. These include work in rehabilitation centers, donation centers, disaster services, and more.


4. Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity is different from the conventional means of volunteer work. With a basis in building homes for the less fortunate, it’s a great chance for those looking to learn new skills and give back simultaneously. Volunteer opportunities are unique, with options to work locally or to travel and build. Additionally, there are short-term and long-term options for people that would like to build a lifestyle of giving.




Finding local giving opportunities can be a bit difficult if you aren’t relying on larger organizations. If you’d like something more local or small with just as much meaning, here are some options to find them:


1. Police Stations


Local police stations are busy. Contacting your police station can open avenues for volunteering outside the normal realm. This includes police administration, low-level patrol help, and professional or technical work such as fingerprinting. Not only are you volunteering, but you’re also helping the officers by freeing them up to take care of more pressing matters in their work. In terms of volunteer work, it’s a great way to make an even bigger impact in your community.


2. Civic Centers


Government civic centers are commonly partnered with local volunteering opportunities. Any citizen looking to help can ask at their nearest civic center’s Information Desk. Of course, they also have details online to help facilitate the process.





Justserve is a website that promotes the needs of volunteer companies looking for help. Getting involved is simple, as volunteers simply have to sign up on the website, choose an event, and arrive ready to help. You can filter your search by location, online-only, etc. It also features email notifications for future volunteer opportunities so users can constantly be in the know about things they enjoy helping with.





Similar to Justserve, VolunteerMatch works like a job board for volunteering. The website allows searches by a specific cause so volunteers can zero in on exactly what they’d like to do. Additionally, it offers fully virtual volunteer opportunities so people can give back from the comfort of their own homes.


Here at Top Greener, we are dedicated to creating lasting change in our customers’ lives and the community at large. In the spirit of giving, we have teamed up with our local homeless shelter through the Orange County Rescue Mission. We have organized a donation drive within our ranks. Employees are bringing in much-needed hygiene items and the company is matching those donations with meal donations. We believe it is a worthy cause for holiday giving, and if you are interested in helping, more information can be found on their website.



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