3-Way/4-Way Decorator Dimmer Add-On Switch (Works with TGDS-120 Only)



• Dim lights from multiple locations

• Push arrows once to turn lights on/off or hold down to increase/decrease light level

• Air-gap switch cuts off power to the switch

• Impact-resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic

• Dimmable LED: 150W, Incandescent or halogen: 600W

• UL listed. 120VAC; neutral wire required

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Add-On Switch for TGDS-120, Enables 3-Way/4-Way Control: TGDS3K-W

The TGDS3K is a remote add-on dimmer switch that is designated for installation with the TGDS-120-W. Traditional dimmers only allow you to dim the lights from one location and turn the lights on, off from other locations. TGDS3K works together with our TGDS-120 model to have the capability to fully dim and turn lights on and off from multiple locations.

This universal dimmer replaces any light switch for precise control over home lighting. The 3K dimmer switch easily adjusts the lighting to create versatile scenes and save energy. Perfect for rooms that have two entryways or two switches that control the same set of lights. Usually seen in Hotels, Home Kitchens and Bathrooms, Restaurants and Lounges, and many more locations

Dimming Range

Not all LED Dimmers are created equal, and selecting the right dimmer for your home or office is crucial for creating an environment that works for you. This dimmer provides full 0-100% dimming, which allows the light to turn completely off and dim down to 0% simply by keeping your finger pressed on the arrow down toggle switch.

Operating the Dimmer

To turn the lights on/off, slide the power switch located below the dimmer paddle to the right to turn your lights On and to the left to turn your lights Off. To turn your lights On to the last dimmed brightness level, press and release the Top dimmer paddle. To brighten the lights simply hold the Up paddle button for as long as you need to. To dim the lighting, press and hold the bottom/down arrow paddle. To turn off the lights without moving the power switch on the bottom, simply press and hold the bottom paddle switch until the lights are completely off.


Technical Specifications

Dimming Range Full RangeFull Range150W Dimmable LED/CFL, 600W Incandescent/Halogen
Power Rating 120V 60Hz
Style Touch (Bush button) Dimmer
Gang 1-Gang
Poles Single Pole or 3-Way (Requires TGDS-120 main switch for either configuration)
Wiring Neutral Wire Required
Included Screws, Installation Instructions
Certifications UL Listed
Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 3.0 × 2.5 × 5.0 in


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