4.8A Dual USB-A Charging Outlet, 15A/125V Tamper-Resistant


• Total USB output 4.8A/5VDC
• Each port can reach up to 2.4A/5VDC on a standalone charge
• Does not support fast charge technology
• IntelliChip technology delivers optimum power
• Protects from overcharging or overheating
• Wall plate sold separately
• Tamper-resistant outlet complies with 2017 NEC, Article 406.12
• 125VAC, 15A receptacle; clamp-down back wiring
• UL listed

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In-Wall Outlet With USB Charging Ports (4.8A)

The most powerful USB charger outlet in the market charges devices, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Dual USB Charger Outlet
The Topgreener TU21548A USB outlet wall charger combines IntelliChip technology and high-speed charging all in one outlet. Maximize your home’s outlet space and get rid of bulky USB adapters.

Type A Dual USB Outlets
Each USB outlet is capable of high-speed charging for small devices up to 2.4A with a maximum combined output of 4.8A. This does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Smart IntelliChip Technology
IntelliChip technology provides smart and speedy charging by accurately reading the power need of your device and optimizing charging efficiency. This also enables the outlet to charge two devices simultaneously without overheating, overcharging, or sacrificing charging speed.

Tamper-Resistant Technology

The built-in protective shutter mechanism prevents foreign objects from being inserted into the receptacle contact openings, but still allows easy insertion of proper plugs. The tamper-resistant (TR) logo is clearly visible on the face of the device to show this safety feature.

Key Benefits
As more devices rely on USB for power and connectivity, USB charger outlets like the TOPGREENER TU21548A are becoming an increasingly important part of the home. This 4.8A USB charger outlet combines the best of both worlds: USB-A and standard power outlets, together in a single 1-gang form factor.

Adding a USB outlet to your home will reduce the necessity of using adapters and cables while ensuring everyone in your family can charge their devices whenever they need to. Our products are fast and easy to install, and they can blend seamlessly into your existing decor with your choice of three face covers.


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