Air Circulator Timer Switch with PIR Lighting Motion Sensor



• Improves indoor air quality by running the air-circulator fan for a set amount of time each hour; automatically turns OFF on an adjustable countdown timer; automatically turns lights ON/OFF when occupancy/vacancy is detected

• Ideal for windowless rooms or poorly ventilated locations such as basements, restrooms, or offices; running the fan periodically increases the airway, ensuring that the indoor air remains fresh and comfortable

• PIR sensor detects motion to activate lights automatically; adjustable time delay from 5 to 30 minutes; features a manual ON/OFF light switch to override timer settings; includes both occupancy and vacancy modes

• Turns the air circulator fan ON for a pre-selected amount of time each hour; easily adjust time delay with options from 5 to 60 minutes or deactivate this setting using the “Mins per Hour” knob located under the faceplate; also features a manual ON/OFF switch to override timer settings

• Compatible in newer homes only – NEUTRAL WIRE IS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION; single-pole use only; 120VAC 60Hz; 1/4HP rated motor; 3A max fan load; 400VA/400W max light load (electric ballast or LED); 180° motion sensor field of view; 600sq.ft. PIR detection range; wall plate sold separately; UL-Listed; 1-year warranty

Air Circulator Timer Switch with PIR Lighting Motion Sensor, NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED

The TOPGREENER TDTOS5 is a combination device that includes an automated timer switch for an air-circulating fan and a PIR motion sensor for lighting controls. This countdown timer can replace most in-wall switches to automatically operate your fan and lights. The sensor uses PIR technology to detect motion and activate the lights accordingly; the device also includes occupancy and vacancy modes, as well as a manual ON/OFF switch so that automation can be bypassed. If the fan timer is left unattended, the automated controls will start up to operate the fan for a set time each hour. This improves the air quality by ensuring that the air indoors never remains stagnant for long. This air circulator fan timer is ideal for keeping indoor air fresh in both high humidity regions and colder regions where doors and windows may be closed for nearly 24 hours each day.

Settings can be easily adjusted by removing the face cover to reveal 3 small knobs: one for the “PIR,” one for the “Timer,” and one for the “Mins per Hour.” The “PIR” knob adjusts how long lights will remain ON before shutting OFF automatically, the “Timer” knob adjusts the amount of time that the fan will remain ON after being turned ON manually, and the “Mins per Hour” knob adjusts the amount of time that the fan will automatically turn ON after each hour that it is OFF. The hourly settings can also be turned OFF if desired. These knobs allow for easy, customizable settings whether installed in the home, office, basement, or restroom. Note that the timer switch is designed specifically for air circulating fans such as exhaust or ceiling fans with motors rated no higher than 1/4HP. This product requires a neutral wire for installation, and professional installation is recommended as a result. Neutral wires are required by modern building codes and are usually present in newer constructions. This product is UL listed and includes a 1-year

Pair with a screwless or standard decorator wall plate.

Technical Specifications

Power Rating 120VAC, 60Hz 3A max fan load, 400 VA/400W max light load
Motor 1/4HP motor
Range 600 sq.ft. PIR range
Wiring Neutral wire required
Certifications & Compliance UL listed
Weight 5.4 oz
Dimensions 4.3 × 3 × 2.2 in


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