Antimicrobial Blank Stainless Steel Metal Wall Plate, Mid-Size 1-Gang


• Silver ion coating for antimicrobial properties; stainless steel provides high-impact resistance; enhances safety by limiting access to wiring due to breakage associated with nylon and plastic covers
• Corrosion-resistant material helps extend life in extreme environments; non-combustible and heat resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees
• Easy replacement of any of the same configuration; mid-size dimensions: 4.88″ height x 3.11″ length
• Premium quality reflective finish with soft edges allows for easy cleaning and durable shine
• Includes matching screws; 1-year warranty

Antimicrobial Blank Metal, Blank Device Cover, Corrosion Resistant, Mid-Size 1-Gang 4.88″ x 3.11″, 430 Stainless Steel

The blank metal is designed to fit over unused wall outlets to close the opening and cover any exposed wires. This 1-gang, blank cover is an easy replacement for any of the same configuration and it offers industrial-level strength and protection. Made from 430 stainless steel and polished with a reflective finish, this blank is non-combustible and offers both heat and corrosion resistance to excel in physically demanding applications. This makes the metal cover plate perfect for both commercial and industrial locations, such as kitchens, restrooms, hospitals, or machine shops.

This is covered in a silver ion coating to provide antimicrobial properties. Silver ions work on a cellular level, preventing the growth and survival of unwanted microorganisms such as mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. This makes for an inherently disinfectant surface, as the frequently-touched device will resist microbial growth.

The blank metal outlet cover is mid-size at 4.88″ x 3.11″ and comes with a set of matching installation screws to ensure a clean and professional appearance in any application. Mid-sizes cover a little more wall space than standard size ones, which is perfect for covering up damage that may have happened during installation. This metal blank switch plate fits any single-gang outlet and is designed for quick, easy installation. The smooth finish and contoured edges make the metal perfect to provide safety to any commercial or industrial application. This product includes a one-year warranty.


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