Dimmable High-Bay Ceiling Mounted PIR Motion Sensor. 1,200 sq. ft Range


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• Motion-activated LED indicator light

• Detects motion to automatically control lights

• Passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects body heat to reduce false triggers

• Occupancy switch mode (Auto ON, Auto OFF)

• Vacancy switch mode (Manual ON, Auto OFF)

• Fixed time delays: 15 sec (Test), 15 min, 30 min

• 700 square feet coverage, 180-degree field of view

• 120VAC; Incandescent: 500W; LED: 150W; Motor: 1/8HP

• Operating temperature (32 – 131°F)

• UL listed, single-pole only, neutral wire required

High Bay Ceiling Occupancy Dimmer Sensor: MPC-50HD-W

Enerlites MPC-50HD is a daylight harvesting, high bay 360-degree passive infrared (PIR) ceiling mount motion/occupancy dimmer sensor. It features two interchangeable Fresnel lenses with adjustable time delay, sensor sensitivity level, and ambient light level settings. There are four different operating modes to choose from based on the condition of the space and energy usage. This ceiling-mounted motion sensor is great for any environment and is specially designed for use in commercial and industrial settings.

Where to Install

The ceiling sensor is designed to be mounted from 8-50 feet off the ground in commercial and industrial settings such as warehouses, factories, retail stores, and lobbies.

PIR Sensor

This unit uses advanced passive infrared (PIR) motion-sensing technology to automatically turn lights on when movement is detected in a room, and to automatically dim or turn off the lights if no movement is detected within the amount of time selected in the time delay.

2 Fresnel Lens

Comes with two 360-degree interchangeable Fresnel lenses. Perfect for pinpoint detection from mounting heights of 8 feet to 50 feet, and coverage range from 12000-2800 sq. ft with a 360-degree field of view.

Adjustable Settings

This ceiling sensor features adjustable light level detection from 30FC-500FC, sensitivity settings from 0-20 feet, time delay settings from 15 sec. to 30 mins, and 4 different operating modes.

Dimming Compatibility

This ceiling motion detector works with dimmable ballasts or LED drivers. 1-10VDC. It can be set to trigger dimmable lighting to 50%.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 120-277 VAC, 50/60Hz
Coverage 1200 sq. ft and 2800sq.ft at 360 degrees field of view
Time Delay 15 Secs to 30 Mins
Motor 1/4HP, 120VAC, 60H
Operating Temperature 32 to 131 Fahrenheit (0 to 55 Degrees Celsius)
Sensor Adjustments Light Level 30FC-500FC,
Lens Multi-level, 360 Degrees Fresnel
Installation 8-50 feet
Compatibility Electronic Ballast 800VA/120VAC, 1600VA/277VAC, Tungsten 800W, 1-10VDC Dimmable Ballasts or LED Drivers
Certifications & Compliance California Title 24 Compliant, UL Listed
Weight 9.7 oz
Dimensions 5.0 × 3.5 × 4.4 in


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