Heavy Duty 7 Day Programmable Plug-In Digital Timer

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• Digital light timer plugs into a standard wall outlet and allows you to program virtually any electrical appliance with unique, 7-day settings; ideal for lamps, holiday lights, heaters, air conditioners, fountains, stereos, hydroponics, and more

• Weekly programming with up to 18 customized ON/OFF paired settings (Please see programming instructions in the description below)

• Features a “random” mode, which varies light activation times to create the illusion of being home when you are away, deterring potential intruders

• LCD digital display is large, easy to read, and functions as a clock; DST control easily adjusts daylight savings time at the press of a button; use automatic or manual ON/OFF operation

• 15A,120VAC,1200W, 1/2HP motor support; indoor use only; built-in backup battery stores program settings when plug is disconnected; UL Listed

Heavy Duty 7-Day Programmable Plug-In Digital Timer for Lights, Lamps, Electrical Outlets

The TOPGREENER TGT07 7-day heavy-duty digital timer makes upgrading your home lighting control incredibly easy! Easily set any light or electrical appliance to operate on a schedule. The TGT07 light timer allows for custom programming without a complicated installation. Simply plug the digital timer into a wall outlet and any electrical appliance for 7-day programmable control.

This electrical outlet timer can save up to 18 ON/OFF pairs of settings. Set custom programs for every day of the week. Additionally, this device has a “random” feature that varies ON/OFF times of programmed settings to create the illusion of being home when you are actually away. The screen is large and easy-to-read, and it displays the time as a reliable clock. It also features a manual ON/OFF control and a daylight savings setting. TOPGREENER’s timers for electrical outlets can be used to control fluorescent lights, flood lights, LED lights, stereos, air conditioners, and more.

Timers like this are popular around the holidays. Find other TOPGREENER timers here.


Technical Specifications

Power Rating 15A 120VAC, 1200W
Style 2 plug outlets
Special Features Up to 18 pairs of settings
Certifications & Compliance UL listed


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