Heavy-Duty Smart Wi-Fi Plug-in (15A) with Energy Monitoring

(12 customer reviews)



• Wi-Fi outlet works with Alexa and Google Assistant

• TOPGREENER app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store

• No hub or subscription required

• Control appliances remotely and monitor energy usage

• Can be used with other smart plugs to control electrical appliances

• Can be added to a group of devices for advanced scene control

• Create schedules or set timers

• Handles loads up to 15A (heavy-duty)

• Durable design, fire-resistant, UL listed, FCC compliant

• Requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection

  • Rating: 15A, 120V~60Hz
  • Resistive: 1800W
  • Ballast, Driver: 5A/600W

Smart Wi-Fi Heavy-Duty Plug-In Outlet -15amp with Energy Monitoring: TGWF115APM

One of the simplest ways to automate your devices and appliances, the TGWF115APM is a smart Wi-Fi heavy-duty plug-in outlet that installs in any receptacle. The TGWF115APM works with the TOPGREENER app ‘ available for free download from Google Play or the Apple App Store ‘ to provide remote operation. You can also build customizable scenes, create on/off schedules, set timers, and even monitor energy usage in real-time. Part of a complete smart home solution, the TGWF115APM is also compatible with most voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Heavy Duty

Smart Wi-Fi powerful plug outlet is equipped to handle higher loads, up to 15A. Plug-in appliances that require more amps such as fans, heaters, slow cooker, etc.

Energy Monitoring

TOPGREENER’s Wi-Fi outlet comes equipped with energy monitoring capability. Monitor use and save on energy costs using the TOPGREENER app.

Set Schedules and Timers

Set schedules to automatically control lights and small appliances. Modify and adjust your lamp settings from the app for added security to give the appearance of occupancy while you are away.

Remote Control

Using TOPGREENER’s powerful plug provides convenient control from anywhere. Control home appliances remotely with the touch of a button.


The TGWF115APM connects to a standard 2.4 GHz wireless network and doesn’t require any hubs or additional hardware. It is rated for 120V 15A loads for larger devices and small appliances, like space heaters and coffee makers. All told, the unit measures 2.42 inches long by 3.87 inches tall by 1.48 inches thick. Our heavy-duty smart wi-fi plug-in outlet is UL-listed and FCC compliant.


Use the TGWF115APM heavy-duty smart Wi-Fi plug to control outlets remotely and monitor energy usage over time. With the app, you can create custom schedules ‘ for example, programming an air conditioner or humidifier to turn off after you fall asleep.

TOPGREENER is a proud partner to DIYers and contractors alike. We offer a wide range of smart home products that help with automation and more. Shop our online store for fast shipping throughout the continental United States, or contact our customer service department for more information about any of our products.

Technical Specifications

Wireless Network Connection 2. 4 GHz
Power Rating 15A 120V
Style Heavy Duty Wi-Fi Plug In
Special Features Scheduling, timers and energy monitoring through Top Greener App.
Controlled Devices 1
Voice Control Compatibility Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Certifications & Compliances UL Listed, FCC Compliant
Weight 5.3 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.9 × 3.0 in

12 reviews for Heavy-Duty Smart Wi-Fi Plug-in (15A) with Energy Monitoring

  1. PAF

    I was shopping for a Kill-a-Watt device for a plug-in way to measure power consumption, when the Amazon “Customers also bought” thing pointed me to this device. The real time current measurement, and accumulated power usage over time are great, and give me the tools I was looking for, but these things do so much more ! I don’t use Alexa, or the Google Home app, but the TOPGREENER app offers great additional functions like Scheduling to turn the device on and off like one of those plug in timers, and a Timer to shut it off after a set period. Very pleased with this product !

  2. A. Kiss

    I have a dehumidifier in my basement and I was searching for a plug that I could monitor remotely to see if it was running or not. I didn’t need the ability to remotely switch on or off (which this does, as does hundreds of other plugs), but specifically needed something to tell me if power was running to the unit (meaning it was on and doing its job). Out of the box, this unit worked perfectly and was super easy to install/download the app. It’s been flawless for months now and I finally figured out what was turning off my dehumidifier… it was set to a certain percentage, and when reached, it would shut off. But the problem was that it never turned back on when humidity rose. With this smart plug, I was first able to recognize that no power was running through it, and then was able to turn it on (which I never thought I would use!). Worked perfectly.

  3. R. P. Dedic

    I’ve used all sorts of timers for grow lights to start plants to Xmas lighting to vacation security lighting. I’ve used mechanical timers and electronic timers. Every timer I’ve used had some major problem that made them irritating to use. Mostly it was setting. These smart plugs are a breeze. Their set up is intuitive and simple. The best thing is that they work. I don’t have to worry about DST since they are on Internet time. They are easily checkable. They are easily adjustable using the app. What is there not to like? Nothing!

  4. LeeAmaz07

    The setup was very easy. The timer seems to work well. There was one time I had to go back to app and reset timer. Being very picky-Reason for one star deduction is the size is a little big and wish the plug in for a lamp/etc was on the edge. That causes an issue of sticking farther out in the way on a wall. If they continue working, I will buy another pack.

  5. Vaela’a Timani

    These plugs are great, I have multiple in my home for my floor lamps. They work well with my google home, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. One thing I don’t love about these is the size/design. I know it’s supposed to be more “heavy duty” but it could have been made smaller so the other outlet can be used at the same time. I bought a couple of the rectangular shaped ones and those are A+!

  6. Dan Felten

    I bought these plugs to finish off two rooms in my house and really did not know this company’s brand at all. Well I was surprised on how easy and compatible they were with the other apps out there to program each plug I used . I used the Tuya smart app as I have already used there plugs , don’t use the main configuration app , instead use the alternative programming app which follows after it says it can’t connect . Once you do that the rest is cake work in programming the smart plugs . Alexa works great , I use alot of voice commands , just add the Tuya smart app into the Alexa app and your ready to go . If I need more of these I suggest buying these instead of the high priced ones !

  7. Reed

    The product works well I got it for the energy monitoring purpose and its been very useful. I wish I could give this product 4 or 5 stars, but the size doesn’t allow you to use the other outlet when it’s plugged in. If you ok with not using both your outlets then this is a great product!

  8. Sam

    I bought it brand new and it doesn’t work.

    • Keilani Holton (store manager)

      I’m sorry to hear that it’s not working. Can you give us more information so that we can help out? Please call our customer service at 844-390-2568.

  9. campbe2730

    This works great so far. However, I do wish I could monitor my usage and control the device via a web interface or via a Windows program.

  10. Peter

    I bought 4 of these. The first one out of the box will not stay turned on no matter where I locate it after many resets. The second seems to stay on and I am using it to monitor power use. The third is working properly with the App scheduler. The 4th works in one location but turns off after a few seconds in another location??? What is the issue with these?

    • Nelly

      Hello Peter,
      Thank you for contacting Top Greener Support and sorry to hear that our smart plug did not meet your expectations. Please contact us at 9 4 9 8 6 1 2 6 7 4. Our technical support team would like more information regarding your experience. When you call, we can also issue a replacement.
      Nelly Silvas
      Top Greener Inc.

  11. Peter

    I had problems with these turning themselves off because I have a 2.4ghz wifi and a 5ghz wifi with the same network name. My router allowed me to create a separate guest network name that is 2.4ghz. They work great now. You need to update your instructions to clarify this potential issue. I also used the Tuya smart app instead.

  12. Randall

    I have a camper 85 miles from home. And I was just wondering how far away from the device I could turn it on.

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