In-Wall 3-Way Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Kit

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• Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

• TOPGREENER app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store

• No hub or subscription required

• Multi-location control

• Can be used with other switches and receptacles to control electrical appliances

• Create scenes, schedules, or set timers

• Handles loads up to 15A (heavy-duty)

• Durable design, fire-resistant, UL listed, FCC compliant

• Requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection

• Neutral wire required

Smart Wi-Fi In-Wall 3-Way Switch Kit: TGWF15S3W

Complete your home automation by replacing any standard 3-way switch setup with this Wi-Fi Smart 3-Way Light Switch Kit. Control your lights with a mobile device and the Topgreener app. Schedule your lights, run a timer, create scenes, or check the On/Off status to monitor and save energy. Activate and use voice commands on Alexa or Google Assistant (sold separately) for hands-free control.

Schedules and Timers

Set regular schedules to automatically control lights. Modify and adjust your settings from the app for added security to give the appearance of occupancy while you are away.

Create Scenes

Use the app to group devices for simultaneous control. Create multiple scenes with your mobile device to set the mood for any occasion. Suggested scenes: party, welcome, movie, bedtime, away, etc. Modify and name your scenes from the app to achieve the ambiance and mood you want.

Real-Time Status

Enjoy the convenience of instantly knowing the status of your switch. Easily monitor which device is on or off in real-time.

No Hub Required

Securely connect to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. There is no need for an expensive hub.

The Mobile App

The app is free, and no subscription is required. Periodic updates provide you with the latest features and functions. Our customers come first. If you need assistance or have any questions, our tech support team is located in the USA. TOPGREENER app runs on the secure servers of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Voice Control

Use the devices with a voice-controlled assistant to enable voice commands. Execute basic commands, scenes, schedules, and more. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Wi-Fi Ecosystem

TOPGREENER, Inc. provides a full line of home automation devices including dimmers, receptacles, round plug-in outlets, rectangle plug-in outlets, and full function 3-way dimmers.


Technical Specifications

Wireless Network Connection 2. 4 GHz
Power Rating 15A 120V
Style Wi-Fi Switch
Special Features Scheduling and timers through Top Greener App.
Controlled Devices 1
Voice Control Compatibility Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Certifications & Compliances UL Listed, FCC Compliant
Weight 11.2 oz
Dimensions 5.4 × 4.6 × 3.5 in


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