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In-Wall On/Off PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Switch, Neutral Wire Required – White


• Detects motion to automatically control lights
• Passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects body heat to reduce false triggers
• Occupancy switch mode (Auto ON, Auto OFF)
• ON and OFF modes override sensor and to use as a regular light switch
• Variable time delays: 15 sec (Test)-30 min
• Adjustable range and sensitivity
• 980 square feet coverage, 180 degree field of view
• 120VAC; Incandescent: 500W; LED: 150W; Motor: 1/8HP
• Operating temperature (32 – 131°F)
• Wall plate included
• UL listed, single-pole only, neutral wire required

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In-Wall Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Light Switch

With three operating modes, the TSOS5 is a versatile motion sensor light switch suitable for use anywhere in the home. Use it for hands-free operation of lights, fans, or other devices up to 120VAC/500W and motors up to 1/8HP. Easy to use and install, this product is perfect for the kitchen, garage, living room, laundry room, or anywhere else people frequently pass through.


TSOS5-W In Wall PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch
Add simple light automation to your home with the TSOS5 Motion Sensor Switch. The TSOS5 is an occupancy sensor with the addition of an always-on switch. This sensor switch automatically turns on the lights when you enter a room and automatically turns off the lights when motion is no longer detected. Enjoy savings on your energy bill, and add convenience to your home with this automatic lighting control.


On/Off Switch & Sensor? Best Of Both Worlds!
The TSOS5 is a sensor switch that has the best of both worlds. With the addition of an always-on mode, users can override the sensor and keep the lights on until they are ready to switch modes. In AUTO mode, the TSOS5 works as an occupancy sensor that automatically turns lights on and off based on the motion detected in a room, providing simple automation and keeping you 100% hands-free. Add convenience to your daily routine. Avoid fumbling in the dark or entering a room with your hands full searching for the light switch. Save on electrical costs and have peace of mind knowing that your lights will always turn off (when on sensor mode).


3 Operation Modes: On, Off, Auto
The TSOS5 features simple controls and easy-to-use settings. A slider switch on the face of the unit allows you to easily switch between Auto, On, and Off modes. Behind the cover plate, settings for the time delay, range, and light level are easily accessible and adjustable. Simply use a flathead screwdriver to turn each knob to the setting you desire!


Innovative PIR Technology
The TSOS5 uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect occupancy by sensing the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and background space. Enjoy energy-saving benefits by ensuring lights are always accurately turned off.


Sensor Override Feature
Use the TSOS5 as an occupancy motion detector sensor, or set it to Off or On mode to override the sensor function. A neutral wire is required for installation. For single-pole applications only. One decorator wall plate is included.


Part Of A Modern, Connected Home
Pair our motion sensor light switches with other power and lighting solutions from TOPGREENER. A longstanding partner to contractors and designers, we make sure our products offer excellent value for their price. Purchase a TSOS5 home sensor light switch from our online store today.


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