In-Wall PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Switch, Neutral Wire Required TDOS5-W


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• Detects motion to automatically control lights

• Passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects body heat to reduce false triggers

• Occupancy switch mode (Auto ON, Auto OFF)

• Vacancy switch mode (Manual ON, Auto OFF)

• Variable time delay: 15 sec (Test) to 30 min

• Adjustable range

• 314 square feet coverage, 180-degree field of view

• 120VAC; Incandescent: 500W; LED: 150W; Motor: 1/8HP

• Operating temperature (32 – 131°F)

• UL listed, single-pole only, neutral wire required

White Motion Detector Switch Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor: TDOS5-W

If you’re looking for a high-quality motion sensor switch, look no further than the TOPGREENER TDOS5. The TDOS5-W is a two-mode motion sensor switch in white. An essential part of a modern, wired home, the TDOS5-W is an economical upgrade from a standard light switch. Like all TOPGREENER products, it offers quality and intuitive technology in a cost-effective package.

Here’s how it works: the TOPGREENER TDOS5-W combines occupancy and vacancy sensors into one motion sensor switch for energy efficiency, security, and convenience. The 2-in-1 motion sensor detects occupancy and vacancy in a room to automatically turn lights or fans on and off. Enjoy hands-free convenience by never having to fumble in the dark looking for the switch. Give yourself one less thing to worry about by having the peace of mind that your lights will always automatically shut off.

Custom Settings

With advanced technology packed into intuitive and easy-to-use settings, you can easily adjust the length of time lights will stay on or how sensitive the sensor is to motion. Make your home smarter in one switch! The TDOS5-W motion sensor switch operates in two modes, which you can switch between with the press of a button:

Occupancy (OCC)Mode: Detects occupancy and vacancy in a room for full automation of lights, fans, or other loads. The sensor will automatically turn ON/OFF when triggered by motion. When no motion is detected within the delay time, the lights will turn off automatically.

Vacancy (VAC) Mode: Detects vacancy in a room to automatically turn lights off. Lights are manually turned on when entering the room. When no motion is detected within the delay time, the lights will turn off automatically.

Energy Savings

Save money on your energy bill by making sure unused lights and fans are always turned off with a motion sensor switch. Vacancy mode’s manual-on feature saves further energy by ensuring lights and fans are turned on only when needed with a motion sensor switch. Avoid having lights accidentally left on all day.

Security And Safety

The TDOS5 is the ideal choice for seniors, children, and employees when it comes to safety. Making sure lights automatically turn on allows occupants to see where they are going, improving visibility in an otherwise dark room and preventing accidents. PIR motion sensors turn lights on, allowing security cameras to capture clearer footage of your home or office. This product is also UL-listed and Title 24 compliant.

Pair with a standard or screwless wall plate.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Technolgy
Coverage 314 sq. ft. at 180 degree field of view
Power Rating 120VAC
Time Delay 15 Sec to 30 min
Motor 1/8HP @120VAC
Special Features LED indicator light
Wiring Single Pole, Neutral Wire Required
Compatibility Incandescent 500W, Fluorescent/Ballast 500VA @ 120VAC
Certifications & Compliance UL Listed
Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 3.0 × 2.2 × 5.0 in


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