In-Wall PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Switch, No Neutral Wire Required

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• Detects motion to automatically control lights

• Passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects body heat to reduce false triggers

• Occupancy switch mode (Auto ON, Auto OFF)

• Vacancy switch mode (Manual ON, Auto OFF)

• Fixed time delays: 15 sec (Test), 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min

• Adjustable range

• 1200 square feet coverage, 180-degree field of view

• Interchangeable hot and load wires for easy installation

• 120-277VAC; Incandescent: 500W; LED: 150W; Motor: 1/8HP

• Operating temperature (32 – 131°F)

• UL listed, single-pole only

• Neutral wire not required, ground wire required

TDOS5-J-White Motion Detector Switch Occupancy Vacancy Sensor: TDOS5-J-W

The TDOS5-J combines both occupancy and vacancy sensors into one light switch for ease of use and energy efficiency without the need for a neutral wire. Offering value and convenience in an easy-to-install package.

The TDOS5-J installs easily in both residential and commercial properties. A neutral wire is not required, though a ground wire is. This product works with all bulb types including 120-277VAC incandescent bulbs up to 500W and LED bulbs up to 150W and motors up to 1/8HP. It’s also UL-listed.

Reduce False Positives With PIR Technology

Passive infrared (PIR) motion-sensing technology monitors small changes in heat radiation to detect when someone enters or exits a room. PIR occupancy vacancy sensor switches work only when a person is in their line of sight, which makes them best for wide-open rooms. In these conditions, they can be highly effective and accurate, while delivering low power operation at an affordable price point.


PIR motion detector switches such as the TOPGREENER TDOS5-J are ideal in a kitchen, laundry room, landing area, or anywhere else people frequently come and go carrying bulky items that make manually turning on a light difficult. This small upgrade can improve safety, save you time, and simplify daily tasks.

Energy Savings

Save money on your energy bill by making sure unused lights and fans are always turned off with a motion sensor switch. Vacancy mode’s manual-on feature saves further energy by ensuring lights and fans are turned on only when needed with a motion sensor switch. Avoid having lights accidentally left on all day.

Pair with a standard or screwless wall plate.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Technolgy PIR Passive Infrared
Coverage 1200 sq. ft. at 180 degree field of view
Power Rating 120/277VAC
Time Delay 15 Sec to 30 min
Motor 1/8HP @120VAC
Special Features LED indicator light
Wiring Single Pole, Neutral Wire NOT Required, Ground Wire Required
Compatibility Incandescent 500W, Fluorescent/Ballast 500VA @ 120VAC & 1000VA @ 277VAC
Certifications & Compliance UL Listed
Weight 5.4 oz
Dimensions 3.0 × 2.2 × 5.0 in

6 reviews for In-Wall PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Switch, No Neutral Wire Required

  1. MK

    This is the 3rd type of unit I’ve tried and it works brilliantly – (unlike the other 2). Easy to install – no need to mess with the neutral or “correct” black wire – it’s smartly designed for easy install and quick setup.

  2. Jeramy Lord

    Switch works as advertised. I only wish there was a setting between 15 seconds and 5 minutes.

  3. Victor

    These sensors work great very easy to install and easy to setup i ordered 3.more for my hallway highly recommended

  4. Bruno

    This works pretty well. I’m considering going 100% hands free. I might have a personal problem.

  5. JpW

    Easy install with 15 minutes after I opened the box. I tried to make it work without reading the instructions – mistake. Takes 3 minutes to “load up”. Anyways, loving with our LED recessed light it in our closet. Might get another one for the laundry room.

  6. Papa C

    The switch is easy to install. It works well. Sometimes slow to pick up motion, but it always works. Makes for a good buy.

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