TOPGREENER Outlet Extender with 3 Receptacles, 8ft Cord – 2pcs

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• Perfect Fit and Color Match – TOPGREENER flat-face outlet extenders are compatible with a wide-range of decorator or standard duplex receptacles, but TOPGREENER products should be used to ensure perfect fit and color match.

• Premium Quality – TOPGREENER devices and wall plates are top-quality and built with safety in mind. This product is residential grade with a flat-face, sleek design and a 8ft extension cord with 3 standard 15A receptacles. It is the perfect replacement for outlet covers that are inconveniently placed or areas where an extra receptacle is necessary.

• Easy Installation – TOPGREENER 8ft extension plugs are easy to install and perfect for both decorator and duplex receptacles, making the upgrade quick and hassle-free. Simply remove the extender wall plate face covering, screw on the plate, and snap the sleek, matte facing back on. This permanent installation option prevents the outlet extender from being removed or toyed with.

• Modern and Sophisticated – TOPGREENER outlet extension wall plates are available in a striking variety of colors to bring a modern, elevated look to any application–perfect for outlets that are inconveniently placed, such as those located behind furniture, under desks, on kitchen countertops, in bathrooms, and more. Eliminate bulky plugs and cords protruding from the outlet–the ultra-thin outlet extender covers the wall outlet completely and allows you to plug in devices in a more discrete location.

• Safe and Reliable – This TOPGREENER outlet extender features a 8ft cord length, with all hardware included; it is further compatible with any duplex and decorator receptacles; 15Amp, 125VAC, 60Hz.

TOPGREENER Outlet Extender with 3 Receptacles, 8ft Cord – 2pcs

TOPGREENER is setting the new standard for modern home aesthetics with fashionable, high-quality home wiring devices. The LWE8-315 is a flat-face outlet extender with a 8ft cord and three 15A receptacles. The device covers any decorator or duplex wall outlet, and it is designed for easy installation with all necessary hardware included. Simply plug in the installation frame and screw it into place, then pop out the outer cover for a complete installation. Up to three electronic appliances can then be plugged into the outlet extender, allowing for more device control as well as a cleaner appearance. The 8ft cord allows the area around the outlet to remain clean while keeping any bulky plugs hidden out of sight. The flat-face outlet extender is perfect for inconveniently-placed outlets, whether they are hidden behind furniture or too easy for the baby to access. Use the wall plate plug for outlets on the kitchen countertop, in the bathroom, under desks, and more.

This outlet extender is white, but TOPGREENER devices come in a range of striking colors to elevate the look of virtually any home or business. For a cohesive look throughout your space, only use matching TOPGREENER devices and wall plates.


White, Black, Silver, Gold, Light Almond, Nickel


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