Wireless PIR Ceiling Sensor with Five 15A/125V Plug Load Control Receptacles


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Wireless PIR Ceiling Sensor and 5 Pack Plug Load Control 15A Duplex Receptacle Outlet

The controlled plug load will turn on when motion is detected by the ceiling sensor and will turn off 30 minutes after the room is vacated, turning off any device that is no longer needed. The PIR ceiling sensor is battery operated so there is no need for expensive in-wall wiring between the sensor and receptacles. There is no need for remotes, computers, software, or any other device to set up the controlled receptacle and the sensor.

The powerful 15A tamper-resistant smart receptacle has an uncontrolled, always-on-top outlet, a controlled bottom outlet (California Title 24 compliant), an LED indicator, and a manual override button.

Energy Savings

Save money on your energy bill by making sure unused devices plugged into the bottom receptacle are always turned off with a motion sensor. Devices are only powered when you are in the room and need them.



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