The design of the guide light consists of a frosted white lens with clean edges that covers the LED lights and a daylight sensor that’s conveniently located just above the guide light. The sensor detects the amount of light in a room with precision, then it turns on the LED guide light when the light level in the room drops to 2.2 lumens, which is also the approximate amount of light in your room when the sun has just dropped below the horizon.

Safety in the Dark
Guide light outlets are best used for hallways or staircases with multiple receptacles to create a light path for navigating in the dark.

Guide light plug.jpg

Child Safety
The child-safe cover prevents children from accessing the screws on the receptacle outlet. The tamper-resistant shutters on the outlet prevent foreign objects from being inserted. The guide light also reduces the risk of accidents associated with plug-in night lights. (The wall plate sold separately)

Automatic Daylight Sensor

The built-in automatic daylight sensor can tell when it is dark and will turn off immediately when its light is not needed, providing you peace of mind and saving costs as well.


LED Bulb

Built-in high energy efficient LED bulb eliminates the need for routine replacement of light bulbs. Designed for long-lasting life expectancy by saving electricity usage. LED is non-dimmable.

Receptacle in Kitchen

Stylish & Energy Efficient

With soothing cool white dim lighting, your area will be bright without being too hard in a modern way while saving you money as well with LED lighting. (Adjustable with included shuttered lens).

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