Single Pole Double Light Switches

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Every home is different. So, to offer solutions for every project, Top Greener carries one of the best selections of light switches and related wiring devices online. On this page, you'll find our current inventory of single-pole double light switches — the perfect solution for controlling multiple appliances from a 1-gang outlet configuration.</p> <p>

What Is A Single-Pole Light Switch?
A single-pole switch is one of the most common and practical light switch types. Single-pole switches provide on/off control for a light fixture or group of lights, from a single location. They are contrasted by three-way light switches, which allow for multiple switches controlling a single fixture — for example, at the top and bottom of a flight of stairs.

Double-light single-pole switches contain multiple single-pole circuits in a 1-gang outlet. This is useful if you want a pair of switches in one location — for example, one controlling lights and the other controlling a fan.

Benefits Of A Double Wall Switch
Double wall switches are space-saving options that put control of multiple fixtures in one convenient spot. If you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen and adding more lighting in the process, a double electrical switch will take up the same amount of wall space as a single one, while accommodating your additional fixtures.

Double wall switches are also a good choice if you often activate two switches at once, but require individual control over each appliance — for example, in large rooms with multiple lighting zones, where sometimes you’ll use the entire space, but other times, only a portion of it.

Top Greener Products
On this page, you’ll find our current inventory of double switch outlets. We carry a carefully chosen selection of products by Enerlites, as well as our TOPGREENER line. We have complete confidence in everything we sell, which is why we back all our products with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our double wall switches feature push-in wiring and meet applicable UL and national building code specifications. Explore our inventory below. Individual product pages contain detailed specifications and other information you’ll need to make a smart purchase.

A Partner To Demanding Clients
Top Greener offers our clients great selection, excellent service, fair pricing, and fast shipping. It’s no wonder we’re the first choice for contractors, electricians, and designers across the country. A double light switch may not be the most important purchase you’ll make, but it’s one that’s critical to the operation of the finished room.

Choose quality you can trust by shopping Top Greener. Have a question about any of our double wall electrical switches, or need help finding the best model for your needs? Call our customer service department for assistance from one of our knowledgeable representatives.

In addition to double switch outlets, we also carry three-way light switches, slide and rotary dimmers, motion-sensing light switches, and many other related products. For everything you need to light and automate a home, shop the Top Greener online store.

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