Commercial-Grade Ultrasonic Motion Detection Sensors

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Motion detection sensors are ideal for commercial spaces — a quality product, set up and installed intelligently, will reduce your energy use and overhead costs, improve safety and security, and make your facility more accessible for both guests and employees.</p> <p>

TOPGREENER makes every effort to provide products that meet the needs of demanding business. On this page, you’ll find our current selection of commercial-grade ultrasonic motion sensors. Detailed specifications and installation instructions can be found on individual product pages or by contacting us and speaking directly with a customer service representative.

Ultrasonic and PIR Technology
Ultrasonic detection sensors send out high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to the human ear. Ultrasonic sensors detect motion in a room by monitoring the amount of time it takes for this signal to be sent out and relayed back. When a new person or object disrupts that connection, it activates the sensor and turns on the lights.

Ultrasonic sensors have several benefits over other types of motion detection systems. They generally work better in oddly shaped rooms and aren’t affected by dirt or dust buildup. However, they’re prone to false positives if they’re not set up and installed correctly. Therefore, the best commercial motion detectors employ both ultrasonic and passive infrared (PIR) sensor technology, allowing you to fine-tune performance to better suit your needs. Dual-tech systems can activate when either sensor is triggered for improved accuracy — or when both are — to reduce false positives.

Enerlites Commercial Ultrasonic Sensors
TOPGREENER carries Enerlites MWOS commercial-grade motion detection sensors with ultrasonic and PIR technology. Enerlites products are an ideal choice for demanding businesses. Key features include:

• Multiple working modes: Choose from occupancy and vacancy modes to determine how the sensor responds to movement or no movement at all.
• Adjustable parameters: Enerlites motion detectors allow you to adjust shut-off times, sensitivity, light levels, and a range of other factors to fine-tune the system’s operation.
• Quality construction: Enerlites products are built to last and come with a thermoplastic wall plate that’s virtually indestructible. Matching screws are included with your purchase.
• Regulatory compliance: Enerlites products are UL or ETL listed and meet all applicable building code requirements. Installation requires a neutral wire.

Use Enerlites ultrasonic sensors in conference rooms, offices, hallways, garages, and other industrial spaces (depending on model and range). Once installed, an ultrasonic or PIR detection system will reduce your energy use by ensuring lights are only on when you need them. They’ll also improve safety and accessibility by keeping passageways well-lit.

Your Partner for Commercial Lighting Solutions
TOPGREENER is a partner to commercial office buildings, industrial facilities, multi-tenant residences, and other commercial spaces. We specialize in connecting designers, contractors, and building managers with smart lighting systems that improve convenience, lower costs, and promote safety and security.

We’re proud to carry Enerlites ultrasonic detection sensors alongside our own lighting and power products. All items in our online store feature one year of warranty coverage and a 30-day guarantee. Shop online today for fast delivery throughout the country and free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

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