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TOPGREENER is the professional's source for the best home automation products. We carry Wi-Fi-enabled light switches, dimmers, receptacles, plug-ins, and more. Rest assured, all the smart home products in our online store offer excellent value and reliable performance.

Pros And Cons Of Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is one of several available home automation protocols. Here are a few reasons to consider using it:

• Wi-Fi home automation systems use your existing router and internet connection, which means you don’t need to purchase and set up a separate hub.
• If you already have a Wi-Fi network that works reliably throughout your home, you should have no issues setting everything up within range.
• Wi-Fi home control products are generally less expensive than those using other — often proprietary — technologies.

However, Wi-Fi smart home systems do have some drawbacks. They consume more power and can experience performance issues when multiple devices are connected to the same network. For most home applications, these issues are not a problem if you have a decent-quality router and make informed purchases when you’re buying switches and other automation products.

Benefits Of Home Automation
Whichever protocol you use, home automation will deliver several benefits, including:

• Convenience: Automate your lights and appliances according to a schedule that works for you, or control them remotely using your smartphone.
• Energy savings: Programmable home automation products ensure you never accidentally leave the lights on, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.
• Peace of mind: Whether your home includes young children, pets, or elderly family members, home automation will provide peace of mind when you can’t be there.
• Security: A smart home automation system can be programmed to run your lights at regular intervals, deterring intruders by making your home look occupied even when you’re out for extended periods.

Wi-Fi Home Control Products From TOPGREENER
Wi-Fi home automation systems are growing increasingly more sophisticated. Today, with a few small upgrades, you can put control of your lighting, appliances, and more in the palm of your hand. TOPGREENER carries the following home automation products:

• On/off switches for lights, fans, and other fixtures
• Dimmer switches for more nuanced control over your lights
• Power outlet receptacles for turning appliances off and on remotely
• Plug-in power receptacles that let you instantly convert any outlet into a smart system
• Scene controllers for grouping devices and setting scenes that can be activated without the use of a smartphone

With our selection of Wi-Fi automation products, you can make any home smarter and more convenient. Explore our current inventory online or contact a TOPGREENER customer service representative for help putting together a package for your property.

TOPGREENER is a longstanding partner to contractors and home automation professionals. As technology has evolved, we’ve expanded our catalog while ensuring that we continue to offer the best smart home systems on the market today.

Explore our current selection below. All products feature a minimum one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Visit individual product pages for details, or shop online for fast shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

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