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Put the finishing touch on a room with our blank wall plates. Perfect for concealing unsightly wall gaps following a renovation, our plates are an economical option that look great and will stand the test of time.</p> <p>

We carry products by Enerlites — a longstanding partner with an extensive catalog of wall plates and wiring devices. Enerlites blank light switch covers come in multiple sizes, materials, and configurations. Explore our current selection below to find the right item for your needs.

Looking for something you can’t find online? We’d be happy to help or recommend an alternative. Contact TOPGREENER to speak with a customer service representative today.

Why Use a Blank Wall Plate?
Following a renovation or an upgrade to a smart home automation system, you may find yourself with several holes in the wall where your old switches used to stand. Fixing these holes can require filling in the drywall, priming, and painting — an expensive and time-consuming process that can drive up your project’s budget.

A blank switch plate installs in seconds and instantly makes your room look new. Several colors and styles are available to match any home’s decor.

Best of all, with a blank wall plate, you leave your options open for later. If your needs change or you have to add a new dimmer or switch in the future, doing so is as easy as removing the blank plate and beginning the installation.

Material and Size Options
Enerlites manufactures blank wall plate covers in two durable materials:

• Stainless steel: 430 stainless steel offers corrosion resistance and exceptional durability. Stainless steel outlet covers feature a clean, modern look, with contoured edges and a smooth finish that’s a perfect complement to contemporary decor.
• Thermoplastic: Enerlites engineers its thermoplastic wall plates to be virtually indestructible. These products won’t warp or crack, even in high traffic areas of the home. Many colors are available, including white, ivory, light almond, black, gold, silver, dark bronze, making them highly versatile from a design standpoint.

Enerlites wall plates are available in 1-gang, 2-gang, and larger sizes. Gang refers to the amount of openings in the cover — a 1-gang wall plate fits a paddle light switch or duplex outlet, while 2-gang and larger plates fit multi-switch and combination boxes. While these standard sizes are suitable for most homes, be sure to check a product’s dimensions before buying to make sure it’ll work for you.

Shopping the TOPGREENER Online Store
Our extensive selection of Enerlites blank cover plates includes thermoplastic and stainless steel models — all of which can be counted on for superior quality in your home. Select products are even available in convenient multi-packs for big jobs.

We stand behind everything we sell with a full year of warranty coverage against manufacturer defects as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, return it and have our team suggest something more appropriate.

As an independent business focused exclusively on lighting and home automation products, we have a level of expertise big box stores don’t. It’s this dedication that has made us a long-time partner to demanding professionals as well as serious DIY enthusiasts. Reach out to us now to join the crowd of satisfied TOPGREENER customers.

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