Z-Wave Home Automation Devices And Modules

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Z-Wave home automation modules put full control over your lights and other appliances in the palm of your hand. The Z-Wave protocol is one of the best options for any homeowner or contractor looking to automate a home. Simple, economical, and easy to use, with Enerwave's Z-Wave outlet modules, you can quickly convert any standard power receptacle into a smart device.</p> <p>

Enerwave is a longstanding manufacturer of innovative solutions at an affordable price point. Z-Wave wall outlets are part of a complete home automation solution — purchase one online today and make your home smarter and more convenient.

What Is Z-Wave?
Z-Wave is a wireless protocol that allows you to connect multiple devices and control them from a single point. Z-Wave has several advantages over Wi-Fi-based systems: namely its low power consumption and fewer interference issues. Z-Wave also works on what is known as a “mesh network,” where devices connect without the need for a single hub. Z-Wave devices are completely inter-operable, which means they will always work together — which can’t be said for proprietary Wi-Fi-based systems.

The main drawback to Z-Wave is that it has a somewhat smaller range than other protocols — as such, it might not be the best choice for larger properties. To learn more about the technical specifications and best use cases for our Z-wave home automation outlets, visit individual product pages or contact a Top Greener customer service representative directly.

Home Automation Applications And Benefits
There are many ways to use Top Greener Z-Wave devices and modules in the home. With them, you can:

• Enjoy remote control over lighting. No need to get up if you’ve gone to bed without turning off the lights.
• Program unique on-off schedules, so your home can appear busy and occupied even when you’re out of town.
• Schedule appliances to turn on automatically and enjoy, for instance, a fresh pot of coffee, timed perfectly to your morning routine.

By giving you more precise control over how and when you use your lighting and appliances, Z-Wave home automation modules can reduce your energy usage and save you money in the process. That’s good for the planet and your budget, too.

Z-Wave Plug-In Modules: How They Work
With Enerwave’s Z-Wave automation modules, getting started with home automation is easier than ever. Unlike dimmer switches and power receptacles, you don’t need any electrical knowledge to install a plug-in module. Enerwave products connect to a standard power outlet. To enjoy remote on/off controls, plug in your device to the clearly labeled Z-wave outlet on the module’s side.

Once you’ve plugged in your appliance, download the app to schedule on-off times from any mobile device. Top Greener Z-Wave wall outlet modules also feature a manual override switch that lets you turn the appliance on or off with the press of a button.

Why Buy From Top Greener?
Enerwave Z-Wave wall outlets offer quality you can count on. We stand behind the products we sell with a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Shop online to enjoy fast shipping anywhere in the country.

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