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Office spaces, retail storefronts, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial properties have unique power needs. Though you may be running the same appliances as a home, keeping maintenance to a minimum is a priority.</p> <p>

Commercial electrical outlets offer increased durability and longevity compared to their residential counterparts. Though they’re more expensive initially, in return you get a product that will deliver reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements for years to come.

TOPGREENER carries Enerlites commercial-grade electrical outlets for every application. We understand that no two businesses are the same — while standard duplex power outlets are commonplace in all spaces, some facilities can benefit from more specialized receptacles that incorporate advanced connectivity or other features.

Browse our current inventory using the categories below, or contact our customer service department for assistance finding the right commercial electrical outlet for your needs.

Our Inventory
TOPGREENER carries the following commercial electrical outlets:

• Duplex: Standard duplex outlets feature a pair of receptacles arranged vertically. Many colors and configurations are available, as are convenient multi-packs.
• Plug load control receptacles: Plug load control receptacles feature a wireless sensor that allows you to turn them on and off remotely — a simple “smart” retrofit with no complicated wiring requirements.
• Decorator: Commercial electrical outlets don’t have to be drab — we carry several stylish, contemporary units in a range of colors to match with any decor.
• USB charger: Add USB charging connectivity to your power outlets with TOPGREENER and Enerlites products. Commercial-grade electrical outlets are available with multi-port support for USB A, USB C, QuickCharge 3.0, and other protocols.
• NEMA: In addition to standard duplex outlets, we also sell commercial-grade NEMA electrical outlets for connecting stoves, dishwashers, and other large appliances with special power needs.
• Floor boxes: Floor box electrical outlets provide safety and seamless integration into offices, meeting rooms, and other environments.
• Hospital: Hospital-grade electrical outlets meet specialized regulatory requirements for use with mission-critical healthcare equipment.

Browse individual categories to learn more, visit product pages, and see detailed specifications for our full selection of commercial electrical outlets.

Complete Commercial Solutions From TOPGREENER
Having the right electrical outlets is just one part of a major commercial renovation or retrofit. In addition to outlets, we also carry light switches and dimmers, programmable timers, wall plates, and more. If you’re planning a project in your business, we can help you find everything you need at an affordable price.

We sell both our own products and those by trusted manufacturer partners like Enerlites. By keeping our inventory small, we can ensure that everything in our online store offers a level of quality you can trust. When it comes to your business, that’s a vital advantage.

Unlike big box hardware stores, we have the specialized industry expertise necessary to be a partner to commercial clients. We also stand behind all commercial electrical outlets in our store with a full year of warranty coverage as well as our exclusive 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Shopping online with TOPGREENER is fast, easy, and convenient. We offer free shipping on orders over $100 and express delivery for rush orders. For more information, contact our sales team directly.

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