Commercial-Grade Ceiling-Mounted 360-Degree PIR Sensor Light Switches

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Enerlites commercial-grade products offer performance and reliability suitable for busy office environments. We understand that when it comes to things like lighting and power, you need solutions that are easy to work with. Enerlites products fit into all commercial facilities, whether it's an office building, industrial space, school campus, or anywhere else.</p> <p>

Ceiling-mounted motion sensor lights are a smart choice for security and energy savings, along with user safety. They are also easy to install and require few modifications to your existing property, making them an affordable upgrade for budget-conscious organizations.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Lighting
Ceiling-mounted motion sensor lights can benefit businesses and commercial properties in numerous ways. By automatically turning on and off when people pass through a room, they help conserve energy. Lights are only activated when needed, which means less waste and lower overhead costs.

They’re also convenient for employees, who won’t have to waste time searching for a light switch when they need to get somewhere. For this reason, ceiling-mounted motion sensors are particularly useful in stock rooms and other storage areas, where employees frequently have their hands full.

Less energy use is good for the environment, too. When installed as part of a complete suite of energy management technologies, a ceiling motion sensor may help you qualify for green certifications such as LEED or ISO 50001.

Finally, motion-activated lighting systems can help with building security, as they will deter unauthorized access to your facility.

Behind the Technology
Enerlites motion sensors feature 360° Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, providing accurate detection in spaces of up to 1200 square feet. All living things emit heat radiation, which makes PIR sensors extremely accurate at detecting ambient activity within a clearly defined space.

Ceiling-mounted systems feature several operating modes which allow you to adjust their performance to your needs. Change the level of sensitivity to reduce false triggers or set the delay time and light level to a wide range of specifications. Our products also include a manual override button for turning out the lights as you pass through.

Unlike wall-mounted motion sensors, ceiling-mount units require a separate battery pack for power. 24V MPP-24 Power Packs, also available in our online store, are the best option.

Why Top Greener?
TOPGREENER and Enerlites are longstanding partners to commercial property managers and contractors. Enerlites commercial-grade motion sensor systems are ideal for large facilities with limited budgets. Each product comes with a one year of warranty coverage as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Need help finding the right products for an upcoming job? Our customer service team can recommend the best model of ceiling PIR sensor and the appropriate configuration for your space. We can also put together a package containing power packs, wall-mount motion sensors, and other items.

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