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Make your lighting smarter with TOPGREENER. We carry a range of Wi-Fi-enabled smart light switches and other products. Program custom schedules or control lights from your smartphone — our collection of sophisticated products can integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, saving you time and money.</p> <p>

If you’re new to the world of smart lighting, our experts can help. Contact our customer service team for assistance putting together a package of Wi-Fi light switches and related products for your home or business.

What Is Smart Lighting?
Smart lighting uses Wi-Fi or another wireless protocol to give you enhanced control over the lights in your home. Smart light switches work the same as an on/off or dimmer switch, but add the ability for remote control with the TOPGREENER mobile app. With a Wi-Fi enabled smart switch, you can automate your lighting or remotely turn fixtures on and off. The benefits of doing so include:

• Savings: A Wi-Fi-operated light switch helps ensure you never leave the lights on by accident, which translates to less energy use, fewer burned out bulbs, and lower costs on a month-to-month basis.
• Convenience: There’s more to smart lighting than just savings. A Wi-Fi-operated light switch lets you turn lights on and off from anywhere in the home, making your life easier by saving you time and hassle.
• Security: Finally, smart lighting equals peace of mind. If you’re away from home for whatever reason, a smart system can be programmed to turn on and off at random, deterring intruders by making your property appear occupied.
• Use our Wi-Fi-controlled light switches with all standard bulb types. For detailed technical specifications, check out individual product pages.

Wi-Fi or Z-Wave?
TOPGREENER smart light switches run on either Wi-Fi or the Z-Wave protocol. Both offer reliable performance and excellent value, though each has a unique set of pros and cons. Wi-Fi switches take advantage of a network that likely already exists in your home, making them more affordable to install. However, running multiple smart Wi-Fi devices without a powerful router can lead to performance issues.

As an alternative to a Wi-Fi controlled smart light switch, Z-Wave products offer comparable flexibility and resilience, though at a slightly higher price point. Because they don’t require a central router, Z-Wave products can support larger networks.

Ultimately, whether Z-Wave or Wi-Fi is the best smart light switch protocol for your home will depend on several factors. For help making an informed decision, get in touch with the TOPGREENER customer service team today.

The Pros’ Source for Smart Home Solutions
TOPGREENER carries a carefully chosen selection of Wi-Fi-operated light switches and other smart home products. We offer only items that meet our customers’ demanding expectations — whether it’s our products or those by one of our manufacturer partners, such as Enerlites. We even provide a one-year warranty for all products in our online store, as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Explore our options for Wi-Fi controlled lighting below, and place your order online for fast delivery anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping is free for orders of $100 or more.

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