Single Pole Toggle Light Switches

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The workhorse of a home's lighting system, single pole toggle wall switches offer simple functionality at an affordable price. That doesn't mean all switches are the same, however. Choosing a quality product will ensure reliable performance for years to come.</p> <p>

TOPGREENER is proud to carry an extensive selection of single pole toggle light switches. Our products — as well as those made by trusted manufacturers like Enerlites — range from standard on/off switches to sophisticated products with power or USB connectivity.

Explore our catalog below or contact our customer service team directly. We’d be happy to help you identify the best product for your needs.

Single Pole vs. Three-Way Light Switches
One of the most significant distinctions between light switches is between single pole and three-way models. Single pole switches offer dedicated control over a light fixture, appliance, or electrical outlet. A single pole switch is the only way to control these fixtures — as a result, they’re typically marked with clear on and off toggles.

Three-way switches, on the other hand, are installed in pairs. Either of the two switches can turn a light on or off. This feature is beneficial in hallways and large rooms where it’s convenient to have multiple options for controlling the lighting.

Conversely, single-pole wall toggle switches are best for smaller rooms where a dedicated control makes the most sense for managing a single light or set of lights. Dual switch models contain two switches, which connect to two dedicated lighting or electrical circuits.

TOPGREENER and Enerlites Products
Enerlites products are easy to install and built to last for the long term. Options include basic wall toggle switches — with or without indicator lights for visibility in the dark.

In addition to standard products, we also carry TOPGREENER smart switches with motion sensing and time delay capabilities. Ideal for connected homes, these more advanced upgrades can deliver improved convenience and energy efficiency. Visit individual product pages for detailed specifications and more information.

Quality You Can Rely On
All products in our online store feature a minimum one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Enerlites and TOPGREENER engineer all items for maximum reliability as well as easy installation in any standard junction box. Our products are UL-listed or meet all necessary national electrical code standards for residential and commercial applications.

A wall toggle light switch is a small investment, but it’s one that plays an essential role in a room. Choose a product you can count on that won’t break the bank — as a dedicated partner to contractors, designers, and DIY homeowners, we carry single-pole toggle switches for every application and every property.

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