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Enerlites sliding dimmer switches offer performance at an affordable price point. A simple upgrade that will enhance any room in the home, our products are easy to install and engineered to last for the long term. Explore our inventory using the links below — individual product listings contain detailed specifications and more information about potential applications and benefits.</p> <p>

Why Install a Sliding Dimmer Switch?
Sliding dimmer switches have many advantages over conventional on-off switches, such as:

• Saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint: Lighting is one of the major contributors to your utility bill. When you don’t need your lights working at full capacity, you can adjust them to your liking and potentially save money in the process. That’s good for your wallet and the environment, too.
• Setting the right mood for any occasion: Ambient lighting makes a room look better and more inviting. With a dimmer switch, you can always turn down the lights when the mood calls for it.
• Sleeping better: There’s evidence to suggest that exposure to harsh lighting before bed can interrupt your sleep. As you wind down for the night, dim the lights and you’ll likely experience a more refreshing and rejuvenating sleep.

About Enerlites Products
All Enerlites dimmer switches feature a standard one-year warranty covering any manufacturer defects. All products are UL-listed or meet relevant national building codes and other standards. Use them with any dimmable light bulb (LED, Halogen, CFL, Incandescent, or Fluorescent, depending on model) in both residential and commercial applications.

Many of the slide dimmer switches include convenient features such as always-on LED indicators to help you find them in the dark, full-range dimmer control, and optional on/off switches that return the light to the last dimmer level when activated.

In addition to slide dimmer switches, you can also shop our online store for screwless decorator wall plates, or mix and match with any standard 1-gang product. With our extensive inventory, it’s easy to find something that matches your style and needs perfectly.

Other Options
Top Greener carries many different Enerlites dimmer switches. Sliding models are simple, convenient, and attractive — but they’re not the only option. Alternatives include rotary knob dimmers, combination dimmers, and tabletop dimmers, which don’t require any electrical work to install.

One important consideration when shopping for a dimmer switch is whether you need a single-pole or three-way model. Single pole dimmer switches provide dedicated control for a light fixture or set of lights, whereas three-way models allow you to install a second switch elsewhere in the room if required. Three-way switches are typically installed at the top and bottom of a staircase or hallway, or in rooms with two entrances.

Why Top Greener?
Top Greener is committed to delivering value with all our products and affiliated brands. A longstanding partner to contractors and other professionals, we offer high-quality sliding dimmer light switches and a price that works for your budget. Shop our online store to enjoy fast shipping to any destination.

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