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As part of our commitment to providing wall switch plates and related products for every home, TOPGREENER is proud to offer a selection of Enerlites screwless outlet covers and switch plates. We carry two main types — poly-carbonate thermoplastic models in white, back, light almond, ivory, and the Elite series in a range of designer colors.</p> <p>

Enerlites products stand up to bending and scratching, and they won’t warp in the heat or fade in the sun. The result is a product that’s virtually indestructible — perfect for both high-traffic areas of the home and harsh industrial environments.

How It Works
A conventional outlet plate screws into a pair of mounting holes. Screwless models, on the other hand, involve a two-part system. First, a mounting bracket is installed in the outlet. The plate itself snaps on over top, making it easy to switch colors or upgrade to a different model.

Installing a screwless switch cover is almost as easy as screwing in a conventional one. For detailed specifications, check out individual product pages.

Benefits Of Screwless Cover Plates
Screwless outlet plates are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. Some of the reasons that TOPGREENER customers choose this type of product include:

• Appearance: Screwless plates have a smooth, low profile appearance that many prefer. While the mounting hardware holes on standard cover plates are hardly obtrusive, removing them creates a more cohesive look. The difference may be subtle, but it’s one that has an impact on the overall look of a room.
• Safety: Prying fingers can be tempted to pull on screws, potentially introducing a risk of shock, damage to the unit, or worse. Most people consider screwless outlet plates to be a safer alternative to conventional models.
• Cleanliness: Screw holes are breeding grounds for grime and bacteria. Conversely, screwless plates are easier to clean and sanitize, which means less work for you.

Whether or not a screwless light switch cover or outlet plate is the right choice for you will depend on whether or not the above factors are important to you. To meet the needs of every homeowner, TOPGREENER carries a wide range of both conventional and screwless outlet plates.

Shop The TOPGREENER Online Store
TOPGREENER screwless outlet covers range from simple 1-gang decorator and toggle switch plates to 2-, 3-, and 4-gang and larger plates for combination lighting, power, and data outlets. We also carry convenient multipacks of some of our bestselling products — perfect for big jobs where you want a matched look throughout the room.

We’re proud to carry Enerlite screwless switch plates alongside our products. All items feature one year of warranty coverage — proof of our confidence in their quality and consistency. Pair any cover on this page with a matching outlet, dimmer switch, programmable timer, or other switch or receptacle from our online store.

Shop online and receive fast, affordable shipping to your location. For more information or assistance putting together a package of screwless outlet covers for an upcoming job, get in touch with our customer service team now.

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