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Enerlites electrical floor boxes offer convenience, functionality, and style in a compact package. Floor boxes are easy home upgrades that make advanced connectivity and charging more accessible. With them, you can charge your favorite devices without needing to be close to a standard, in-wall outlet.</p> <p>

Floor Box Receptacle Options
Whether you’re looking for a floor box for the living room, kitchen, or office, Enerlites has one that will suit your needs. Some things you’ll need to consider as you browse our selection of electrical floor boxes include:

• Size: The majority of floor receptacles are horizontal or vertical 1 or 2-gang configurations, meaning they fit into a standard box without any modification. 1-gang units typically offer fewer connectivity options than 2-gang boxes, although they are more compact and often a better choice for smaller spaces.
• Connectivity: Many Enerlites floor boxes contain a mix of standard power outlets and networking jacks. Here, your application will determine the best product for your needs. For example, an office or boardroom will benefit from having built-in network connectivity, while a living room may require more standard outlets for charging.
• Style: Enerlites offers round, square, and rectangular floor box receptacles in silver and brass finishes, with pop-up and slide-open tops. Whether your tastes are classic or contemporary, you’ll find something that matches your existing decor in our online store.
• Safety: Some of the safety features available on our floor power outlets include coin-open lids to prevent child access, tamper-resistant receptacle shutters, and a wide range of moisture and weather-proofing options. Visit individual product pages for more details.

Not sure which one of our floor boxes is best for your project? Contact our customer service department and someone can help you asses your needs and put together a complete package for any upcoming job.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Floor Boxes
At the home or the office, a small upgrade to a new set of electrical boxes can have significant benefits to your daily routine. By increasing the number of charging options available in a room, you’ll always have power available for your critical devices. Additionally, a strategically placed outlet or network floor box means fewer cables and adapters littering your floor, posing a potential tripping hazard.

Top Greener products — as well as those by allied brands we sell in our online store — offer long-term performance and durability, thanks to features such as corrosion-resistant finishes and galvanized steel junction boxes. We stand behind all our floor receptacles with a one year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Installation and Ordering
Enerlites electrical boxes install on most properties with a raised foundation and sub-floor. They are not suitable for use on concrete slab flooring. Your purchase comes with all required mounting screws and other hardware, as well as detailed instructions for installation. However, we recommend working with a qualified electrician to complete the job, as most products require a neutral or ground wire.

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