Industrial-Grade Electrical Outlets

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Every industry has unique power needs, but for healthcare, data centers, emergency response, and other facilities, maintaining uptime and reliability is a priority. A power outlet is a critical point in a building's electrical infrastructure — if it isn't working, it jeopardizes the dependability of any appliances or equipment connected to it. It's therefore essential that contractors and builders invest in the appropriate receptacles.</p> <p>

TOPGREENER carries residential power outlets for home and light commercial use as well as commercial-grade products for applications requiring additional durability. For the most demanding environments, we offer a carefully chosen selection of industrial-grade products. Industrial electrical outlets meet special functional and regulatory requirements for everyday use in hospitals and related facilities. Explore our inventory below.

Key Features
Key features of an industrial-grade electrical outlet may include:

• Heavy-duty faceplates capable of standing up to harsh conditions, impacts, chemical exposure, and temperature extremes
• Securely fastened assemblies that improve structural integrity and prevent the unit’s base from separating from its faceplate
• Weather-resistant cases that prevent water, humidity, and dust intrusion
• Specially engineered designs to mitigate heat buildup
• High strength, durable contacts that are resistant to corrosion
• Low ground path resistance

Hospital-grade electrical outlets will typically feature a marking indicating that they comply with ANSI/NFPA 70, Article 517 guidelines for healthcare use. Other application-specific, industrial-grade electrical outlets may have different requirements. For help choosing the best product for your facility, contact a TOPGREENER representative.

Benefits Of Industrial-Grade Electrical Outlets
Industrial-grade electrical outlets provide several advantages, including:

• Safety and reliability: Industrial-grade outlets are engineered to stand up to the rigors of your industry. By choosing a receptacle that’s appropriate for your application, you can reduce the risk of accidents and outages that can disrupt your productivity.

• Regulatory compliance: Specialized industrial facilities often have specialized building code requirements. Using hospital-approved, FED SPEC, or other industrial-grade electrical outlets minimizes your risk of noncompliance and associated fines or penalties.

• Peace of mind: With the appropriate outlets, you can rest easy knowing your team will have access to safe, reliable power whenever they need it.

• Long-term value: While a commercial- or residential-grade outlet may meet your legal and technical requirements, there’s a financial benefit to choosing a receptacle that’s tough enough for any environment. Industrial-grade electrical outlets deliver lasting value by performing better for longer, saving you the expense and hassle of replacement.

Our Products
TOPGREENER’s inventory of industrial-grade electrical outlets has been carefully chosen to meet the needs of the most demanding facilities. Our products include:

• Duplex outlets in 1-gang, 2-gang, and larger configurations
• NEMA outlets for running equipment with unique power requirements
• Decorator outlets in a range of colors and styles

Learn more about our industrial-grade electrical outlets by following the links on this page. All products feature a minimum one-year warranty and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Your Source For Heavy-Duty Power
TOPGREENER is a dedicated partner to industrial contractors, designers, and building managers. We help our clients find the best outlets and light switches for their properties — industrial facilities are no exception. You can count on us for expert advice and a curated selection of reliable products at an affordable price point.

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