1- and 2-Gang Toggle Switch Wall Plates

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Find the right light switch cover for your project at TOPGREENER. We carry a wide range of wall switch covers made from durable stainless steel and poly-carbonate thermoplastic. From standard 1-gang units to large combination plates, we can match you with the best item for your needs.</p> <p>

We’re proud to carry Enerlites toggle light switch covers. Enerlites, one of our trusted manufacturer partners, is committed to quality and has an extensive catalog of items in various sizes and configurations. We’re confident that you’ll find the right plate for your needs in our online store.

Material Options
Enerlites manufactures single and double switch plate covers in two durable materials:

• Stainless Steel: 430 stainless steel is corrosion- and heat-resistant, making it ideal for use in demanding environments. However, it’s more than just an industrial solution. Stainless steel wall switch covers have a distinctive modern look that works well alongside contemporary decor. Use Enerlites stainless steel toggle switch light covers for design-forward homes and high-taffic places alike.
• Poly-Carbonate Thermoplastic: Enerlites uses a virtually indestructible thermoplastic for its single and double switch plate covers. The company’s products will retain their shape and won’t lose their color due to fading. Choose from white, black, light almond, ivory, gold, silver, dark bronze, and nickel options in a range of sizes and configurations.
Enerlites stainless steel and thermoplastic wall plates offer excellent performance. Ultimately, the one that’s best for your application is a matter of taste — thermoplastic models are more conventional, whereas stainless steel has a unique look that some may prefer.

Product Details
Enerlites wall plates come with several openings, which are referred to as “gangs.” 1-gang units fit a single toggle switch, while 2-gang and larger covers fit two toggle switches or more. All products come with a set of matched screws for easy installation on any electrical box.

In addition to standard size wall plate covers, we also carry mid-size and oversized options. Standard 1-gang plates measure 4.5″” x 2.75″”. Midsize models measure 4.88″” x 3.11″”, and oversize plates measure 5.50″” x 3.5″”. Be sure to check the dimensions before placing an order, or contact us for assistance.

Part Of A Complete Home Lighting Solution
A wall switch cover is one component of a home lighting system. As part of our commitment to providing total solutions for our clients, we offer a wide range of toggle switches, dimmer switches, countdown timers, and smart lighting systems.

If you’re planning a renovation or other project, make us your source for all lighting and electrical needs. We offer a carefully chosen selection of products that work great together. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to help you put together a package of products for any residential or commercial job.

There’s no better place to purchase double and single outlet switches online than TOPGREENER. We offer a one-year warranty on all products as well as a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Fast shipping is available throughout the country — explore our inventory and shop online today to find out for yourself.

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