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Today's wired homes have more data and communication connections than ever before. Keeping your space organized and making cables accessible requires purpose-built management systems. To meet this growing need, TOPGREENER offers a large selection of multimedia wall plates.</p> <p>

Explore our inventory of low voltage cable pass-through wall plates, multimedia wall plates, and related items. Our products combine attractive, versatile designs with superior durability and functionality. Visit individual product pages for details, or contact TOPGREENER and speak with a customer service rep for assistance.

Available Products
TOPGREENER carries the following Enerlites products:

Data and phone wall plates: Phone and data connections are essential in any home or office. Enerlites data communication wall plates create spaces for phone jacks and DSL data ports that will fit seamlessly into your wall.

• Multimedia wall plates: Multimedia wall plates contain a coaxial cable input for TV and internet connectivity. Both single and multi-port units are available.
• Pass-through wall plates: Cable management wall plugs allow you to run low voltage cables — such as audio-video cables, XLR cables, and more — through walls, helping you keep your space clean and organized.

About Enerlites
Enerlites is a longstanding TOPGREENER partner. The company’s multimedia cable management wall plates offer excellent value at an affordable price point. Key features shared by all products include:

• Flexible polycarbonate construction: Enerlites manufactures its data, multimedia, and wire pass-through wall plates from a unique polycarbonate material that’s virtually indestructible. Enerlites products won’t crack or warp with time, and they won’t fade when exposed to sunlight, either.
• Multiple color and configuration options: Enerlites offers data and communications connectivity options for every home. We carry wall plates in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, whether your tastes are classic or contemporary.
• Easy installation and matching hardware: Install our wall plates in place of an existing data or multimedia port or in a new spot in any drywall wall. Matching hardware completes the look and creates a unified aesthetic that will blend in virtually anywhere.

At TOPGREENER, we carefully choose the manufacturers we work with, which ensures that everything we sell offers a level of quality our customers can trust. As a result, we’ve become the top choice of designers, contractors, and other demanding professionals, as well as in-the-know DIY enthusiasts.

We’re proud to stand behind all multimedia and cable pass-through wall plates with a one-year comprehensive warranty. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all items, so you can shop our online store with confidence.


TOPGREENER is your source online for wall plates and smart home solutions. In addition to quality products, we also offer industry-leading support from an expert customer service team. We’d be happy to help you find a replacement wall plate for your home or office or put together a custom package of items for a major renovation. Our shipping is fast and affordable for customers throughout the United States. Shop online and see for yourself why we’re the best choice for multimedia wall plates and more.

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