Z-Wave Smart Light Switches

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As more homes and businesses look for technological solutions to everyday problems, smart home automation systems are gaining popularity. Z-Wave on/off switches are a great way to connect your devices and enjoy greater convenience, comfort, savings, and security.</p> <p>

What Is Z-Wave?
Z-Wave is a proprietary smart home automation technology currently supported by thousands of devices. Its most notable feature is that, unlike Wi-Fi, it is a decentralized “mesh” network. Devices communicate with each other independently rather than via a router. As a result, Z-wave can support home automation networks spanning a larger geographic area. The protocol also offers some advantages in security and battery life.

Wi-Fi and Z-Wave: Pros and Cons
Wi-Fi is the main alternative to Z-Wave. It’s a familiar protocol for many consumers in that it’s likely already set up and in use in the home. Because Wi-Fi isn’t a proprietary technology, there can be less potential for compatibility issues when linking multiple devices.

Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart switches each have their own advantages, which is why we offer both for sale in our online store. If you’d like assistance determining which is best for you, contact our customer service office to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

Benefits of Smart Light Switches
Whether you use Wi-Fi or Z-Wave, you’ll find that smart lighting switches have several advantages for both homes and businesses. A smart light switch can:

• Give you the freedom and flexibility to program custom lighting schedules or turn fixtures on/off remotely
• Save money by reducing your overall energy use and lowers the number of bulbs you go through
• Reduce your environmental impact, making your home or business greener
• Allows you to program your home lighting when you’re away, making your property look occupied, deterring break-ins
• Z-Wave light switches are controllable via a smartphone app or by a standalone home automation controller — the protocol offers support for most popular voice-activated systems. Many of our products also have manual override buttons for turning the lights on and off like any other standard switch.

Our Products
TOPGREENER carries everything you need to automate your home, including Z-Wave brand smart light switches. We offer standard on/off switches with built-in Z-Wave connectivity, as well as modules that install behind an existing toggle or decorator switch to instantly upgrade it.

All products in our store feature a one-year warranty covering manufacturer’s defects. That means confidence you can trust, and with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you can return your purchase if it doesn’t meet your needs. It’s never been easier to shop online.

Who We Are
TOPGREENER is a partner to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Specializing in lighting, power, and smart home automation, we choose the products we carry carefully as well as the manufacturers we partner with, and we provide expert advice that helps you make informed choices.

We also offer fast delivery of all in-stock Z-Wave light control switches and related products. Free shipping is available for orders of $100 or more, so shop now.

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