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Reliable power is essential in any home. Something as simple as an electrical outlet can make a big difference to your family's comfort. Whether it's a simple, standard outlet or a smart home solution, you want a product that will work reliably every day.</p> <p>

While there are many places, online and off, where you can buy residential electrical outlets, few companies have TOPGREENER’s deep industry expertise. We offer a carefully curated selection of quality products, both from our own proprietary lines and from trusted partners like Enerlites. Just as importantly, we can help you make informed decisions as you plan a renovation or other project.

Our Catalog
The TOPGREENER catalog includes the following residential electrical outlet products:

• Duplex outlets: Standard duplex outlets can be found in homes across the country. Our products come in a range of colors and configurations to meet the needs of any room.
• NEMA outlets: Used to power your electric stove, dryer, or other large appliances
• USB charger outlets: Our USB chargers put USB A and USB C connectivity at your fingertips. Select products feature QuickCharge 3.0 and IntelliChip technology for faster charging times and other benefits.
• Guide light outlets: Choose an electrical outlet with a guide light for security and safety in the dark. They’re ideal for children’s rooms, hallways, and any area of the home where tripping hazards are present.
• Wi-Fi outlets: Wi-Fi smart home systems let you control your appliances from a smartphone or voice-activated assistant. Our products can turn any home into a more convenient place.
• Z-Wave outlets: Z-Wave is an alternative to Wi-Fi for smart home connectivity that offers a wider range along with other benefits. Visit our Z-Wave residential electrical outlet page for details.
• Recessed outlets: Recessed outlets feature a small, back-set cavity, making it possible to plug in your appliances while placing a bed, bookcase, or TV stand flush against the wall.
• Floor boxes: Floor box outlets mount into the floor and pop up when needed, providing safety and a clean look when they’re not in use. Floor box outlets are ideal for kitchens, home offices, and other spaces.
• Decorator outlets: Decorator electrical outlets feature a modern rectangular look that many homeowners prefer and come in a range of colors to match any decor.
• Elite Series outlets: The Elite Series includes some of our most stylish residential outlet designs/finishes in colors, such as gold, silver, dark bronze, and nickel — perfect for homes that want to stand out.

Our residential electrical outlets are tamper-resistant and meet appropriate UL and national building code requirements. For more technical details, click through to individual category and product pages, or contact the TOPGREENER customer service department directly.

Quality You Can Trust
All TOPGREENER and Enerlites products feature a minimum one year of warranty coverage. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all items in our online store, as well as free shipping for purchases of $100 or more.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for a single receptacle for a repair or a professional contractor looking for bulk residential electrical outlets, we can help. Shop online or get in touch for personalized service.

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