Thermoplastic Outlet and Light Switch Covers

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TOPGREENER is your source online for high-quality poly-carbonate thermoplastic outlet and light switch covers by Enerlites. We carry a large selection of Enerlites wall plates in 1-gang, 2-gang, 3-gang, and larger sizes. A variety of colors and finishes provide options for every home or commercial facility.</p> <p>

As a partner to designers and homeowners, we make sure to offer a carefully chosen selection of covers that complement our switches and smart home outlets. Browse our inventory online or contact us for assistance from a member of our customer service team.

Benefits of Poly-carbonate Thermoplastic
Enerlites thermoplastic outlet covers are:

• Virtually unbreakable: Unlike other plastic products, Enerlite switch plates are pliable and won’t snap when you bend them. This quality makes installation easy and extends the life of your purchase.
• Weather- and heat-resistant: High temperatures, humidity, and harsh environments are no problem for Enerlites thermoplastic outlet covers. Use them in the kitchen, the bathroom, or in demanding commercial facilities without worry.
• Fade-resistant: Low-quality plastic outlet covers are prone to fading with long-term sunlight exposure. Enerlites products, on the other hand, retain their original color and remain in like-new condition for years after purchase.
• Sleek and stylish: An outlet cover is a small part of a room’s overall decor, but as experienced designers know, these little details are what can truly elevate a space. Enerlites thermoplastic switch plates feature a sleek, modern, low-profile look that works with all styles — multiple colors and configurations are available.

Check out individual product pages for more information.

Product Details
TOPGREENER sells Enerlites thermoplastic cover plates for toggle light switches, decorator switches, power outlets, and more. We also carry blank plates that are ideal for covering up unused electrical boxes while leaving your options open for future projects. Explore our online store to learn more.

One thing you’ll notice as you browse our store is that most wall plates are described as “1-gang,” “2-gang,” and so on, which refers to the amount of openings on the plate. 1-gang units fit nearly all standard toggle light switches and duplex outlets. 2-gang and larger plates are designed for combination boxes that contain multiple switches in a row, or groups of switches, outlets, and data ports.

While most cover dimensions are standardized, some homes may contain oversized or oddly shaped switches or outlets. Be sure to measure and check the specifications of a potential purchase before you make an order.

Online Shopping with TOPGREENER
While lots of places and companies carry thermoplastic outlet covers, TOPGREENER has quality, selection, and expertise that you can trust. We work only with select manufacturers we know well and whose products meet the high standards of our customers.

We stand behind everything in our store with a minimum one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. As a result, you can shop with confidence when you order a switch plate online. We’re also a great source for convenient multi-packs that can save you money when you’re working on a big project and ensure all outlet covers in the room match perfectly. Shop now, or reach out to us for more information.

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