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Frequently Asked  Questions

How to Install a USB Charging Outlet

On this page you can find answers to the most common technical problems while working with our TOPGREENER or Enerlites products.

In some of the more technical instances involving electrical wiring we do highly advise consulting an experienced electrician before continuing to work on it yourself.

Still need additional help? Reach out to us at or call us at (844) 390-2568.

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Common FAQs

In-Depth FAQs

TDHOS5 - The humidity does not turn ON my fan?

Humidity sensor might be set to High Humidity, which is a low sensitivity level. Select a higher sensitivity such as setting 2 or setting 1.

The humidity sensor might be in manual (bypass) mode. To return to automatic detection mode, simply turn the fan ON and let it run for 20mins until it turns off. NOTE: Manually turning the fan off will bypass the humidity detection

TDHOS5 - The light LED indicator flashes but the lights are OFF?

User has it in VAC mode, change modes to OCC by pressing and holding both light and fan buttons at the same time for 10-15 seconds until light button LED indicator flashes.

TDHOS5 - How do I program the Light and the Fan?

To enter programming mode, press and hold the Light button for 8 seconds until the light button LED indicator turns solid Green, then follow the instructions for programming. Contact for further assistance

TDHOS5 - Can I set a time delay on the fan ?

Fan control does not have adjustable time delay. Fan will run for 20 mins when humidity is detected or when you manully turn it on. If humidity level is still high after 20 minutes, the fan will pause for 5 minutes and run again for another 20 minutes.

TDHOS5 - What are the humidity settings for TDHOS5

Setting 1: Low Humidity 45%, Setting 2 (Default): Medium humidity 65%, Setting 3: High humidity 80%. For example when humidity level reaches 45% or more the fan will turn on and run for 20 minutes.

TDOS5-J - I've connected all the wires to the switch but the Light remains ON?

This device requires proper grounding to work. Check whether the LED indicator flashes when there is motion. If there is no activity on the indicator, have your electrician test the Ground wire for proper grounding

TDOS5-J - Why do my lights turn on randomly?

The PIR sensor is trigger by movement of heat so your sensor could possibly be picking up heat from vents or heat radiating from other sources. Adjust the range detection knob to a lower setting (counterclockwise) and if possible, redirect any vents that’s point air in the path of the PIR sensor.

TDOS5-JM - Lights do not turn ON in OCC mode?

The TDOS5-JM is equipped with CDS technology, so the ambient light in the room will effect the triggering of the lights. The CDS sensor will learn your usage habits of how much light is in the room when you turn the lights on or off. To train the sensor, set the device to OCC mode. Then turn On the lights when the room reaches the darkness level that you want the lights to turn On and turn the lights Off at the brightness level that you want the room to be. After a few times of manually turning the lights on and off, the CDS sensor will learn your habits and will automatically run the “learned” settings.

TDOS5-JM - Lights do not turn ON in OCC mode?

Press and Hold the program button for 3 sec, and LED indicator will flash 2 times for VAC or 4 times for OCC.

TSOS5 - What is the Light Knob for?

The “Light” adjustment knob is for setting the amount of light (ambient light) in the area before the PIR sensor starts triggering the light ON when motion is detected. The further left the knob is pointed, the darker the room must be before the sensor triggers. The further right, the brighter the room can be for sensor to trigger.

TSOS5 - The Lights turn ON when using the switch, but doesn't turn on when in AUTO mode.

Check if there’s activity on the LED indicator when waving your hand in front the sensor (test will work better if your hand is warm). If there is no response, there may be a wiring issue. The TSOS5 requires HOT, LOAD and NEUTRAL wires to work (3 separate wires besides the bare ground wire). Test the wire connection with a multimeter to confirm you have all 3 wires.

TGT01-H - I set the Dusk/Dawn time and my light didn't even turn on?

If you pushed the dusk/dawn button from the home screen, that will allow you to adjust the current dusk/dawn times. To use the dusk/dawn times, you still must go into programming and select the days you want the timer to run, then select dusk or dawn when prompted for time.

TGT01-H - Can I use this with my old 3-way switch?

You can use your existing 3-way switch, however the wire connections are a little different than the standard 3-way connection. The TGT01-H requires the Hot, Neutral, and Load wires at the same location. You won’t need to pull new wires, however you need to follow our wiring diagram closely.

TGT01-H - Why does the timer require a Neutral?

The TGT01-H timer requires power to operate, so there must be hot and neutral wires.

TGT01-H -How long with the internal battery save my settings?

The settings will be saved as long as there’s still power in the battery. The battery built in will last 14 days after an initial 72 hours charge.

TGT01-H - Will the Dusk and Dawn times follow the astronomical clock?

The TGT01-H timer has pre-programmed dusk/dawn times divided into Regions; Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the US. Because the regions are divided in large areas, the dusk/dawn times may be slightly off. You can fine tune the times in the dusk and dawn settings by pushing on the dusk/dawn button while on the home page.

TGWF15S - How to put the switch in pairing mode?

Press down 5 times on bottom paddle and hold it on the 6th press and wait until you see the LED indicator on the switch flash Blue 3 times and release. The LED indicator will blink Rapidly for EZ Mode and blink Slowly for AP Mode

TGWF15S - Can this switch work in a 3-way?

For TGWF15S to work in a 3-way you can use a standard single-pole or 3-way switch. Follow the wiring diagram on the instruction manual to make that connection

TGWF500D - What is AP mode?

Advanced Pairing (AP) mode on any of our Wi-Fi devices is an alternative way to pair the device to our app by first connecting your smartphone or other smart device to the device’s hotspot.

TGWF500D - Can this switch work in a 3-way?

For TGWF500D to work in a 3-way you will need the add-on switch TGWF3K

TGWF500D - Can other apps controll our TOPGREENER Wi-Fi devices?

Our Devices are built with Tuya’s chipset, so it works with with the Smart Life app.

TGWF500D - How do I reset my password account?

The TG app password is different than the TG website password. You can reset your app password from the login page of the TG app.

TGWF500D - Can this device work in a 4-way circuit?

The TGWF500D will work in a 4-way with 2 TGWF3K add on switches.

TGWF115APM - How do I reset my plug?

Press and Hold the button on the device for about 5 seconds and it will enter pairing mode and start rapidly flashing.

TGWF115PQM - Can I control multiple devices from different networks, using 1 account?

Yes you are able to control those devices, you will need to be there at each location to pair the device to that account.

TGWF115PQM - Does the device require internet to perform the automations?

Yes, the device requires internet to run the automations created for the device.

TGWF115PQM - Can I download the power monitoring statistics?

No, there isn’t a way to download the power monitoring statistics. You can only view them in the app.

TGT06-JT - When I press a preset button there isn't any LED indicator?

This device requires proper grounding to work. Have your electrician test the Ground wire for proper grounding

TGT06-JT - Does this timer allow to keep LED on while Load is on?

This model does not have this feature. You will need the model that requires a Neutral wire.

TGT06-JT - Can I keep the Load on all the time?

No, it will only work with the selected preset delay.

TGWFSC8 - Can I control multiple lights with each preset button?

Each set of lights you wish to control must be connected to one of our Wi-Fi devices. Then in our TG app under the Smart tab, you can create an automation to turn on or off a set of lights and map it to your desired preset button. Keep in mind that you will need to program a “turn off” command as well. Best practice would be to program a double tap of the same button for the “Off” command. Contact tech support for further assistance.

TGTRSS215R - The protected LED indicator stopped working.

The surge protection componets have burnt out, possibly due to a recent power surge. This outlet will not protect your equipment on the next power surge, but it will still function as an unprotected AC outlet. Replacement is recommended.

Enerlites 51300L - What is the maximum LED Wattage?

6A at 120V (about 720 Watts) and 3A at 277V (about 830 Watts)

In-Wall USB Outlet - The USB ports stopped working.

Power cycle the device by turning the circuit breaker Off for about 30 seconds and back On. Be sure to use the device manufacturer’s recommended quality charging cable for the device you are charging.

HET06-J - There is no response from the switch after wiring it up?

This device requires proper grounding to work. We recommend that a qualified electrician test the connection for proper grounding.

MPC-50H - Does this have an override feature?

No, there isn’t an override feature to turn off the sensor.

MPP 24 - Does this have a dimmer feature?

This device does not have a dimming feature, it is a power pack that will power any low voltage ceiling sensor.

TGWF500D - What type of network connection does the device use?

Our Wi-Fi devices require a secure 2.4GHz network connection.

TGDSFS3 - Can I control more than one ceiling fan?

This device will control more than one fan as long as the combined draw of power does not exceed 2.5A.

TGWF500D - Will this fit my existing wall plate?

Top Greener’s devices are built to industry standards. They will fit any decorator-style wall plates.

TR Receptacles - What exactly does tamper-resistant mean? If I shove a screwdriver into one socket, does it zap, or does something need to be pushed into both holes?

In receptacles, tamper-resistant refers to the safety mechanism built in to the receptacle to prevent unintended insertion of a foreign object into a single side of the outlet. It is designed to allow a plug to be properly inserted, but prevent an object from inserting into only one slot of the outlet. Our Tamper-Resistant outlets are compliant to NEC code 406.12

TGSDS3 - What type of dimmer switch is this?

This a MLV ( Magnetic Low Voltage ) forward phase dimmer switch.

Wi-Fi - Can I change the network in the TOPGREENER app?

You will need to Remove the device, factory reset it, and add the device to the new network.

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