2021 Holiday Gift Guide

This year, ring in the holidays with new tech upgrades for the modern home. Whether it’s scheduling your holiday lights with a smart outlet or gifting your family the ultimate USB charging station, Top Greener has everything you need to give the gift of convenience this holiday season. We know the holidays can be crazy, so to make shopping a little easier on you we’ve put together the ultimate guide for buying new outlets, switches, and receptacles for everyone on your list. Check out our top choice products in a few of our favorite categories!


Schedule Friendly

Do you have a hard time remembering to turn off your holiday decorations each night? These Schedule-Friendly devices allow you to set up schedules and timers so that you really can turn on the lights and then forget about them. From plug-in WiFi outlets to in-wall smart receptacles, these high-tech devices will give the gift of programmable home automation.

TGT09 – The TGT09 digital timer lets you plug-in and program two separate lighting fixtures with 7-day, astronomic controls. With this plug-in timer, you can set up your holiday lights and literally forget about them. The user-friendly interface allows you to set as many as 18 custom programs, including dusk and dawn settings, so that your holiday decorations always know when it’s time to kick on the holiday cheer, and when to wrap it up and call it a night.

TGT07 – Setting your holiday decorations to a schedule has never been as easy as it is with the TGT07 plug-in digital timer. This easy-to-use device plugs right into your wall outlet, and it offers additional space to plug in and automate up to two appliances simultaneously. Conveniently program custom settings for every day of the week, ensuring that your holiday lights are never left on longer than needed.

TGWF115PQM – The TGWF115PQM is a quick and easy way to turn any home into a smart home. This plug-in WiFi outlet connects to your smartphone for remote controlling, and the device is compact enough that two can fit on a standard wall outlet. The WiFi smart plug allows you to set schedules and timers for your seasonal decor – all from the comfort of your smartphone. The TGWF115PQM is also compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free controls.   

TGWF115APM – Looking for a WiFi smart plug with a little bit more power? The TGWF115APM plug-in outlet is the smart choice for those looking to power space heaters and other heavy-duty appliances this holiday season. This smart plug is extremely easy to use and instantly turns your smartphone into a remote control that can be used from anywhere. The TGWF115APM is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to enable voice controls, and it is also available in a variety of stylish colors

TGWF15RM – If you want the full experience of home automation, the TGWF15RM outlet is an excellent choice. This sleek decorator receptacle features a built-in Smart Meter that optimizes energy efficiency. Access plugged-in appliances from your mobile device to set schedules and control remotely. This is ideal for basic lights in your home as well as indoor holiday decor such as Christmas tree lights, miniature train sets, and tabletop decorations.


Charging Friendly

Everybody has a smartphone or tablet that they’re charging daily, so naturally the best thing you can give this holiday is the gift of speedy and efficient charging. Whether it’s a plug-in wall adapter or a multi-port charging station, we’ve got the perfect selection to satisfy that gadget geek in your life… or at least stop your family from unplugging lamps to charge their mobile devices.

TU21558AC-W – When it comes to at-home charging, you just can’t go wrong with the TU21558AC. Named Wirecutter’s best USB outlet in 2018 and runner-up in 2020, this device is everything you need in one receptacle. The wall outlet features one Type-A USB port, one Type-C USB port, and 2 tamper-resistant plug outlets to offer the ultimate charging station. Charge your iPhone and GoPro simultaneously and without any need for wall adapters. Give the gift of convenient, adapter-free charging this holiday.

TU115QC3PD – For those who use their phones all day and never stay home for long, the TU115QC3PD is the perfect home upgrade. With one Quick Charge USB Type-A port, one Power Delivery USB Type-C port, and one tamper-resistant plug outlet, this receptacle offers a little bit of everything. What sets it apart are the fast charging technologies built into the USB ports, which will charge compatible devices faster than ever before to get you on the go again before you know it.

TU2153A – Whether you need extra plugs for Christmas tree lights or a better charging station for your family, the TU2153A is an essential addition to any modern home. This decorator receptacle features dual USB ports for an upgraded version of the standard home wall outlet. This wall outlet allows you to charge your USB devices adapter-free, and you’ll never have to unplug a lamp to charge your phone again.

TGSP615P68A3 –  The TGSP615P68A3 is a wall-mounted surge protector that lets you plug in and charge all of your essential devices in one convenient location. This surge protector is easy to install over a standard wall outlet and it allows your family to enjoy 6 plug outlets and 3 USB ports all in the same location. Let your kids charge their gaming consoles without having to unplug your smartphone or reading lamp. With the TGSP615P68A3 surge protector, everyone can have their way.


Kid Friendly

Kids these days have more tech gadgets than they know what to do with. Teens especially have a plethora of devices that need regular charging like cameras, smartphones, and portable video games–and you may find their devices taking over all the outlets in your home! Plug-in chargers are the perfect Kid-Friendly holiday gift because they allow kids to take responsibility for charging their own devices. It’s also a great way to keep them from stealing your chargers.

TPU3AC – The TPU3AC is a good match for anyone, but especially for the little gamer in your life who is always draining their batteries. This plug-in wall charger features one USB-C port with high-speed charging, which is perfect for powering tablets, iPads, and even the Nintendo Switch video game console. It can connect to anything from a Samsung smartphone to an Xbox controller, provided you have the right cable. USB-C charges faster than the traditional USB-A connections and it is just about the industry standard at this point, so you can rest assured any new devices you get in the future will be compatible with this charger as well. 

TPU2QC3 – An ideal gift for tech-savvy kid or teen, the TPU2QC3 is a USB charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. The plug-in adapter features dual USB ports that charge compatible devices up to 3x faster than conventional chargers, simultaneously and adapter-free. Never again will your child have to wait impatiently as their devices charge one by one. With the TPU2QC3, they’ll be able to charge two devices at a time and won’t have to slow down their busy lives.

TPU8A4 – Charge all your handheld devices together with the TPU8A4 plug-in USB charger. This handy little wall charger features 4 USB ports and only requires a single outlet. This is the perfect gift for that person in your life with a dozen gadgets, and for families who may need to share their charging space. Charge a smartphone, earbuds, iPad, and smartwatch all simultaneously. This USB adapter offers up to 2.4 Amps per port for a max output of 5V/8A.


Travel Friendly

High-speed USB charging doesn’t always have to stay at home. For those who are always on the go, we offer a selection of compact plug-in wall chargers. Whether your devices use USB-C, USB-A, or a little bit of both, you will find a plug-in charger catered to your needs. These make the perfect gift for the traveler in your life, allowing them to charge up virtually anywhere.

TPUPD – The TPUPD USB-C wall charger is a compact adapter with Power Delivery (PD 3.1) technology. Power Delivery supports up to 3 Amps for the fastest possible charge on compatible devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 or the new iPhone 12. And to top it all off, the device is small enough to fit in your bag and take with you everywhere. This stocking stuffer is a must-have for those with the latest smartphones and other USB-C, PD-enabled devices.

TPUQC3 – When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the TPUQC3 Quick Charge USB charger. This plug-in charger features a single USB port equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 for faster charging than ever before on compatible devices. And if your devices aren’t QC compatible? Not to worry, as the USB charger will still provide power at the device’s maximum speed. This charger is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect travel buddy for busy teens and college students. 

TPUQC3PD – Give your favorite traveler (or yourself) the ultimate on-the-go charger this holiday season. The TPUQC3PD features two distinct, fast-charging USB ports – one is for USB-A, equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and the other is for USB-C with Power Delivery for the highest possible charging speeds on compatible devices. The dual-port design allows you to charge both USB-A and USB-C devices simultaneously, charging your devices even faster to get you back out and on the go.

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