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Top Greener Inc. is a high-tech electrical firm committed to providing smart home and commercial solutions that meet customers’ energy-saving and lighting-control requirements. We are experts in the design and production of high-quality, wireless home automation, wiring systems, lighting controls, and smart energy management solutions. Buyers and contractors consider TOPGREENER as their one-stop shop because of our strong experience in the industry and technological applications. Our products are all UL-listed or ETL-certified. Many of them are also Energy Star accredited or DLC and RoHS compliant. Many utility companies use our products as part of their energy-saving projects.

With all types of industries adapting automation tools and services for better productivity and accuracy, domestic automation is also gaining popularity. Alongside other automation tools and smart devices, various lighting control products available at TOPGREENER contribute to an efficient household.

Lighting Control Products


There are two types of dimmer switches. Single-pole wall switches are used to monitor a single light or a group of lights from one spot, such as a room’s entrance. Alternatively, three-way dimmer switches allow users to monitor the same light from two separate wall switch locations. At TOPGREENER we understand that every home is unique, so we stock a diverse range of dimmer switch products. The following are examples of our dimmer wall switches:

1. Slide Dimmers

Sliding dimmers are models with a single lever, which adjusts the amount of light in a room. These dimmers usually include a paddle switch mechanism for manual ON/OFF operation.

2. Rotary Dimmers

These dimmers have a knob for adjusting light levels.

3. Low-voltage Dimmers 

These dimmers use a low-voltage dimmer switch to save electricity.

4. Tabletop Dimmers

These dimmer switches have the advantage of being plug-and-play, as no wiring is required.

The two most popular types of dimmer switches in the home are the decorator and slider models.

Sensor Switches

Motion-sensing systems from TOPGREENER and Enerlites are simple to use and install in both commercial and residential settings.

1. PIR and Ultrasonic

These are the two types of technology used in home motion sensors. Passive infrared sensors (PIR) detect infrared light emitted from objects and are most effective in enclosed spaces. Ultrasonic sensors sense motion using sound waves and operate best in partitioned spaces. Some sensors utilize both technologies to reduce false triggers and maximize the efficiency of motion detection.

2. Ceiling and Wall Mount

Wall-mounted motion sensors that fit into a regular 1-gang switch box, as well as standalone ceiling-mounted systems, are available.

3. Humidity Sensors

When moisture levels in the bathroom exceed a certain amount, humidity sensors activate the fan automatically, preventing mold and mildew buildup. Some products combine a humidity sensor with a PIR motion detector for lighting control.

Timer Switches

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to automate lighting and fan control is with the use of timer switches. The TOPGREENER online store has a broad selection of countdown and programmable timers available.

1. Countdown Timers

A countdown timer features a set of pre-programmed buttons that correspond to various countdown lengths, ranging from minutes to hours. Press a button to turn lights ON, and they will shut OFF automatically after the selected time delay has passed.

2. Digital Timers

Digital programmable timers allow users to prepare a schedule or set a customized countdown duration to best suit their needs. Digital timer switches feature LCD screens

3. Plug-in timers

Plug-in timers come in a variety of configurations and levels of complexity, but they all feature a simple plug-and-play installation that does not require any electrical work.


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