How to Install a Pass-Through Wall Plate

How to Install a Pass-Through Wall Plate


A pass-through insert and wall plate are a perfect solution for running and organizing low-voltage cables inside walls. The low-profile design helps conceal cables in the wall for a professional look. 



Topgreener offers several types of pass-through wall plates for your convenience. The different sizes and styles allow for a unique organization of your multimedia or datacom cables. 



For instance, the TG8901 has a central opening for cables to be passed through, while the TG8891 bristled wall plate allows TV, ethernet, or phone cables to be stacked or separated by the bristles. Although the designs are different, no matter your preference, installation is straightforward and the same for all of these versions.    



Installing any of Topgreener’s datacom wall plates is an easy task. In the following guide, we will go over how to install 2x brackets and 2x pass-through wall plates to connect and conceal multimedia wires between a television and a console. This is perfect for wires like HDMI, coaxial, or power cables. The finished look will conceal any evidence of wires behind the wall for a professional look. 





Gather these tools to begin the quick and straightforward process: a screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil, drywall saw, and stud finder. Safety wear such as protective gloves and goggles is always highly recommended. A small torpedo level is optional. 

Step 1 


To begin, identify the area you want to mount the brackets. 


Use a stud finder around the area to make sure you don’t cut wires, pipes, or any other structural elements behind the wall. It is important to only cut where drywall is. Use a measuring tape to ensure the cords you’re passing through the brackets will reach each other.


Step 2


Next, use a pencil to trace the mounting brackets for a snug fit. A torpedo level can make sure the bracket will be straight. 


Step 3


Use the drywall saw to cut out the two traced guides you created. 


Step 4


Insert the brackets into the wall spaces you cut out. Use a screwdriver to secure them.


Step 5


Pull the cables through. Make sure you hold the end so you don’t drop the cable behind the wall. 


Step 6


Install wall plates. First, screw on the inserts to the brackets, then place the wall plate over and screw on as well.


Voila! Installation is complete in six easy steps. You’ve created a professional look for your media console. Stray wires don’t have to be an issue any longer with this easy solution to conceal them.


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