In-Wall Timer Switches for Easy Home Automation

In-Wall Timer Switches for Easy Home Automation

Timer switches are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to automate lighting and fan control. Switching out a standard on/off or dimmer switch for a timer model will ensure you never leave a light on accidentally. That’s good for the environment, good for your wallet, and extremely convenient as you move through your home or business.

The TOPGREENER online store carries a wide range of programmable light timers and switches for any application. From sophisticated digital models to one-touch button-operated systems, we’ve got something for every home. Explore your options below.

Programmable Timer Switch Products

We carry three main types of light switch timers:

  • Countdown timers: Countdown timers are the most straightforward option for automating your lights and fans. A countdown timer typically contains a face with a set of pre-programmed buttons corresponding to different countdown lengths — from minutes to hours. Many products also feature a manual on-off switch.
  • Digital timers: Digital timers offer more programming capabilities than countdown light switches. With thermostat-like LED controls, they allow you to plan a schedule or set the exact countdown length that’s best for your needs.
  • Plug-in timers: Plug-in timers range in configuration and sophistication, though all feature convenient plug-and-use installation that doesn’t require any electrical work.

For more information about our products, visit individual category pages or contact a TOPGREENER representative directly.

Applications And Advantages

Programmable timer switches have many benefits. Customers frequently use our products for:

  • Entryways and exits: Timed lighting is perfect for entries and exits — and anywhere else in the home that you and your guests pass through. A timer switch makes it easy to keep these areas well-lit when they need to be.
  • Fans and appliances: Timed lighting is ideal for running fans, air conditioners, humidifiers, and other appliances that help you get to sleep, but it would be expensive to run overnight.
  • Holiday displays: Whether it’s a Christmas tree or Halloween decorations, timers help you coordinate holiday displays and other seasonal features.
  • General security: Programmable timer lights are also great for making your home look occupied while you’re out of town, deterring intruders in the process.

Whether your primary goal is safety, savings, convenience, or peace of mind, you’ll find an extensive selection of the perfect programmable light timer switches in our online store.

Our Products

TOPGREENER and Enerlites timer switches combine superior durability with a budget-friendly price. We back our products with a one-year warranty program as well as a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Built-in wall light timer switches meet UL standards and all applicable national building code specifications. Countdown and digital units fit in standard 1- and 2-gang wall slots, though many require a neutral wire to install. To complement your purchase, we sell a wide range of decorative and screwless wall plates in addition to other accessories.

Find out why we’re contractors and DIY homemakers’ first choice by browsing our online store. Even our shipping is fast and affordable for all customers — explore our catalog and place your order today.

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