Square Smart Wi-Fi Plug-In (10A) with Energy Monitoring

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• Wi-Fi outlet works with Alexa and Google Assistant

• TOPGREENER app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store

• No hub or subscription required

• Control appliances remotely and monitor energy usage

• Can be used with other smart plugs to control electrical appliances

• Can be added to a group of devices for advanced scene control

• Create schedules or set timers

• Handles loads up to 10A

• Durable design, fire-resistant, UL listed, FCC compliant

• Requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection

Smart Wi-Fi Square Plug-In Outlet: TGWF115PQM

TOPGREENER TGWF115PQM is a Wi-Fi-enabled plug that turns a single outlet into a smart home device. This product installs without any special tools and does not require a separate hub or other hardware. If you have a secure 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network in your home or office, you can easily enjoy the automation and remote operation of your devices.

Specifications and Features

The TGWF115PQM Wi-Fi smart plug offers high-quality circuitry for reliable performance with loads up to 10A, and its built-in Smart Meter energy monitoring is ideal for tracking electricity use over time. These Wi-Fi smart plugs also feature a manual on/off control button and a rectangular shape that leaves the second plugin a duplex outlet free for other uses. In addition, they are compatible with voice automation assistants, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, along with the TOPGREENER app, available from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

This smart Wi-Fi square plug is fire-resistant, UL-listed, and compliant with all relevant FCC regulations. For detailed specifications, contact the TOPGREENER customer service department directly.

Energy Monitoring

TOPGREENER’s Wi-Fi outlet comes equipped with energy monitoring capability. Monitor use and save on energy costs using the TOPGREENER app.

Voice Control

Use the device with a voice-controlled assistant to enable voice commands. Execute basic commands, scenes, schedules, and more. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant (sold separately).


Use a smart Wi-Fi plug to remotely control appliances, set on/off schedules, monitor power use, and simulate home activity when you’re away. With the TOPGREENER app’s straightforward interface, creating custom schedules and scenes is fast and easy. Pair the TGWF115PQM with other Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs and switches for a complete home automation solution.

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Technical Specifications

Wireless Network Connection 2. 4 GHz
Power Rating 10A 120V
Style Mini Wi-Fi Plug-In
Special Features Scheduling, timers and energy monitoring through Top Greener App.
Controlled Devices 1
Voice Control Compatibility Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Certifications & Compliances UL Listed, FCC Compliant
Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 3.6 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

5 reviews for Square Smart Wi-Fi Plug-In (10A) with Energy Monitoring

  1. JA

    Works well, with elegant app. I bought this for the energy monitoring function, which very few other budget options seem to have. The app is simple and elegant, and very responsive on iOS.

  2. Man Asura

    This project is effective, but the setup of the project is very troublesome.

  3. Angela Wu

    It’s easy to use and I can track my energy usage. Extremely useful in a shared apartment. I can also turn it off remotely after I leave the house, making it very safe.

  4. Vaela’a Timani

    I absolutely love these smart plugs. I started out by buying the heavy duty ones, and these are better in my opinion. You can stack two of these plugs in one outlet without the bottom or top plug being blocked. The app works great and I love using my google to turn on/off my lights!

  5. Gabriel Jimenez

    Hello, one question, the energy monitoring, can I check consumption on day by day basis or monthly basis?

    • Jared Hinkle

      Hi Gabriel,

      The energy monitoring will display the month and in each day of the month the user can see the total kW h of each day.

      Hope that helps,


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