In-Wall PIR and Ultrasonic Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Switch


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• Combines passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic sensors

• Enhanced accuracy to detect fine motion, such as typing, reading, etc.

• Ideal for spaces where limited movement is likely to occur

• Adjustable settings

• Major movement coverage: 1200sq ft.

• Minor movement coverage: 400sq ft.

• 120-277VAC; Incandescent: 800W; LED: 150W; Motor: 1/4HP

• Operating temperature (32 – 131°F)

• UL listed, single-pole only, neutral wire required

Enerlites MWOS Commercial-Grade Dual Technology PIR And Ultrasonic Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Switch: MWOS-W

The MWOS is a commercial-grade PIR and ultrasonic occupancy sensor switch from Enerlites. Key features and specifications include: Dual technology motion light switch combines passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic sensors in one sensor switch for enhanced accuracy and to detect fine motion, such as typing, reading, etc.

The combination of PIR and ultrasonic sensors eliminates false positives by preventing lights from shutting off when the room is still occupied ideal for private or executive offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, libraries, classrooms, and other spaces where limited movement is likely to occur to ensure the light does not shut off by itself. Customizable settings, such as adjustable time delay, detection range, light level. Change between occupancy/vacancy modes and set different PIR/ultrasonic trigger modes and levels.

Neutral wire required for installation. Single-pole uses only. 120/277VAC. Incandescent: 800W. Major movement coverage: 1200sq ft., Minor movement coverage: 400sq ft. UL listed.

MWOS is an occupancy sensor switch, which controls the lighting of a room, depending upon the presence and absence of people in it. This product is a combination of two advanced technologies – Passive Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic. These technologies are used to determine the presence of people in a room and turn the lights ON or OFF accordingly.

Use In Various Application Areas

The sensor switch helps save energy by switching OFF the lights whenever there’s no one or no activity in a room. This makes them highly suitable for a wide range of application areas, which include conference rooms, small rooms, private and executive offices, closets, classrooms, and several other areas, where there is a high or low motion.

Time Delay Options

This is yet another great feature of the MWOS dual technology occupancy sensor switch. You can choose from various time delay options, which you can set for these sensor switches. If no activity is detected in the set time delay, then the sensor switch will automatically turn off the load. The time delay options include 15 sec. (TEST), 1 min., 5 min., 10 min., 15 min., 20 min., 25 min., and 30 min.

Options For Trigger Modes

Apart from the time delay, you can also adjust the trigger modes as per the requirement. The different trigger modes include PIR/Ultrasonic, only PIR, only Ultrasonic, both PIR & Ultrasonic, or Dual Technology.

This sensor switch works with the help of dual technology. The ultrasonic technology has a coverage of 400 sq. ft., whereas the PIR technology has total coverage of 1200 sq. ft. The dual technology sensor is capable of sensing even the finest motions, such as phone calls, typing on a keyboard, and movement of a computer mouse.

Dual-Mode Technology

The Enerlites MWOS-W is a commercial-grade occupancy and PIR motion sensor switch. Using two technologies passive infrared and ultrasonic motion sensing the MWOS-W is programmable to automatically turn the lights on and off as people enter and exit a room.

Both PIR and ultrasonic sensors have their pros and cons. By combining two technologies in a single device, the Enerlites Motion Sensor Switch lets you select the option that works best in your space or use them together to reduce the possibility of false positives.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Technolgy PIR Passive Infrared and Ultrasonic
Coverage 1200 sq. ft. PIR, and 400 sq. ft. Ultrasonic at 180 degree field of view
Power Rating 120/277VAC
Time Delay 15 Sec to 30 min
Motor 1/4HP @120VAC
Special Features Dual Technology Sensor
Wiring Single Pole, Neutral Wire Required
Compatibility Incandescent 800W, Fluorescent/Ballast 800VA @ 120VAC & 1600VA @ 277VAC
Certifications & Compliance Complies w/ California Title 24, UL Listed
Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 5.0 × 2.2 × 3.0 in


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