1-Gang Blank Decorator Wall Plate Insert


• Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic material

• Covers blank holes in decorator wallplate installations

• Heat & fade resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees

• Flammability UL94, V2 rating

• UL-listed

Blank Adapter Insert for Decorator Wall Plates

The ENERLITES 6001-W blank wall plate insert is an easy-to-install adapter that quickly transforms any decorator wall plate into a blank wall plate. This is ideal for unused power outlets and multi-gang wall boxes that aren’t using all of the available space. Having exposed wires in your home is not only dangerous, but it also creates an unsightly mess that can hurt your home’s aesthetic. The 6001-W blank adapter insert easily screws into any wall box, effectively filling the hole in a decorator wall plate. With the sleek look of this blank wall plate adapter, you can add a subtle elegance to your home or office wall with just a few simple steps. The ENERLITES 6001-W decorator wall plate blank cover is made from Polycarbonate Thermoplastic (PCT), which is resistant to fading, discoloration, greases, oils, and heavy impacts. The PCT material can withstand heat up to 140°C to ensure safety and durability. If the flexible blank cover is tampered with, the material will restore to its normal shape and fit perfectly flat onto your wall.

Enerlites wall plates come in a variety of colors to guarantee a match for any home decor. There are also various combinations to suit all applications. Learn more about all the options.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (H x L) 4. 00″ H x 1.40″ L
Material Polycarbonate Thermoplastic
Included Screws
Style Blank Insert Adapter
Gang 1-Gang
Certifications UL Listed
Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 1.4 × 0.2 × 4.0 in


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