1-Gang 0.406″ Hole Phone Cable Wall Plate


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• Measures 4.50″ H x 2.76″ L

• Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic material

• 0.406″ diameter hole

• Can be used for rotary dimmers or to pull through AV or telephone cable

• Heat & fade resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees

• Flammability UL94, V2 rating

• UL-listed

1-Gang 0.406″ Dimmer Shaft Polycarbonate Thermoplastic Wall Plate: 8661-W

The Enerlites 8661 Wall Plate is a single gang 0.406-inch diameter cable wall plate that supports F-type coaxial cables, RJ phone cables, and other data communication cables. This rectangular single gang wall plate is made from unbreakable heat-resistant material called Polycarbonate Thermoplastic. This material is durable and will return back to its original shape if bent or tampered with, ensuring longevity.

Smooth Surface

The Enerlites 8661 Cable Connector Wall Plate is made with a smooth surface, great for covering your in-wall wiring box. It will finish your wall with a clean look and easy to access cable connector.

1 Gang 0.406 inch Dia Hole

The Enerlites 8661 Wall Plate is made with a 0.406-inch diameter hole that can be used for cables such as an F-Type coaxial cable. Great for your satellite, high-speed internet, or any cable service connectors.

Polycarbonate Thermoplastic

The Enerlites 8661 Wall Plate is made of bendable and unbreakable Polycarbonate Thermoplastic material. This material ensures the plate will return to its original shape if it is ever bent or tampered with.

UL Listed

The 8661 Wall Plate is listed by UL, an American safety consulting organization. UL, with 123 years of history and serving 104 countries, guarantees its safety and security.

Conveniently Installed to Your Wall

The Enerlites 8661 can be easily installed on your wall. The plate with a 0.406-inch diameter hole is suitable for your in-wall satellite cables or high-speed internet cables. The simple installation process consists of attaching the cable connector and tightening 2 screws.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 4.50″ x 2.76″
Material Polycarbonate Thermoplastic
Style Blank
Gang 1-Gang
Certifications UL Listed
Weight 0.7 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 0.22 × 2.7 in


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