4-Gang Screwless Decorator Switch/Outlet Wall Plate


• Measures 4.68″ height x 8.30″ length
• Enhance the look of any room with Enerlites Elite Series
• Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic
• Seamless edge hides gaps between the wall plate and wall
• Heat and fade resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees
• Flammability UL94, V2 rating
• UL-listed

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4-Gang Decorator Screwless Wall Plate – Elite Series

Enerlites Elite Series screwless cover wall plates are made of high-quality polycarbonate thermoplastic material and designed to enhance the look of any room. This standard-size wall plate is intended to cover a single decorator receptacle or switch in a residential or commercial location.

Construction & Design

Made of unbreakable polycarbonate thermoplastic material to provide durability, flexibility, and resilience to withstand hard impacts and heavy force. Enhance the appearance of any room with an elegant decorator wall plate; seamless design means no visible gaps between the wall plate and the wall. Easy replacement of any wall plate of the same size.

Screwless Covers
Enerlites Elite Series screwless wall plates prevent children from easily accessing screws. Combining screwless cover wall plates with tamper-resistant receptacles provides added child safety to your home.

Elegant Look
The high-quality painted finish adds an elegant look to any room. Low-profile design that blends seamlessly without visible gaps between the wall plate cover and wall.


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