Product Highlight: Topgreener Motion Sensor Switch


Product Highlight: TOPGREENER Motion Sensor Switch


Topgreener’s motion sensor switch is the perfect marriage between form and function. It has a  minimal face cover that easily integrates into any interior design. Further personalization can be achieved through our sophisticated color options such as white, gold, nickel, and silver. The advanced passive infrared (PIR) technology makes for more accurate and reliable sensor automation. Installation is also a breeze since the device only requires two wires (hot and load wire) to operate. 


Topgreener Motion Sensor Switch Features (TDOS5-KM) 

This special sensor detects motion to automatically switch your lights on and off. It features two user-friendly modes: occupancy and vacancy sensor mode. Simply remove the face cover to set the mode.

In occupancy mode, lights are automatically turned ON when you enter a room and automatically turned OFF when the room is vacant. Alternatively, vacancy mode requires the light switch to be turned ON manually, but it will shut OFF automatically after the room is vacant for a preselected amount of time.



The sensor is a passive infrared (PIR) sensor that detects motion with a 180-degree field of view. It reduces false triggers from unwanted movements and covers 1,200 square feet.



Installation is made easy with this in-wall motion sensor switch. It features a universal wiring design with interchangeable hot and load wires so you no longer have to second guess which wire goes where.



This streamlined design allows for easy and fashion-forward integration into any space. Automation helps with conserving energy and makes for a more efficient experience. You no longer will forget to turn off the lights, the sensor switch will do the work and turn on/off your lights for you. 

It is convenient for rooms entered with your hands full. It furthers accessibility for users who might not be able to locate the switches themselves, like those with limited mobility and so on. 

Invest in a worry-free lighting experience now with Topgreener’s motion sensor switch

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