1-Gang RJ11 Telephone Jack 6P4C and F-Type Coaxial Cable Wall Plate

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• Measures 4.50″ H x 2.76″ L

• Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic material

• Preinstalled F-type connector wall jack (female to female) and one RJ11 telephone jack (6P4C)

• Heat & fade resistant frame

• Flammability UL94, V2 rating

• UL-listed

RJ11 Telephone Jack 6P4C and F-Type Coaxial Cable Connector Wall Plate: 6641-W

The Enerlites 6641 Combo Wall Plate gives you two different connectors on one single plate. The wall plate consists of an RJ11 phone jack and an F-type coaxial cable connector. The RJ11 has 6 positions and 4 conductors, allowing you to plug in your phone at your preferred location. The F-Type coaxial cable connector allows you to connect to audio/video ‘over the air’ terrestrial cables for your communication service.

Enerlites 6641 is made out of unbreakable polycarbonate thermoplastic. It is extremely durable and made from bendable material that returns to its original shape if bent or tampered with.

Dual Communication Connectors

Enerlites 6641 Combo Wall Plate is made with a combination of 2 different cable connectors to provide you with a better in-home wiring management system. It supports a cleaner, more organized look, and comes with an RJ11 wall jack and an F-Type coaxial connector.

Combo Plate For Your Communication Cables

This Enerlites combo wall plate is designed for use with your in-home communication cables. Install with 2 different communication connectors; F-Type Coaxial and RJ11. Great for telephone communications or audio/video cable connection.

4 Conductor RJ11

The RJ11 phone jack is conveniently placed right underneath the F-Type Connector for connection to your phone, fax machine, or another communication device.

F-Type Connector

The F-Type coaxial connector is great for cable, satellite, tv, and high-speed internet. Compatible with Verizon FIOS, Dish Network, Direct TV, Spectrum, Cox, or AT&T.

Durable Quality

Made from Polycarbonate thermoplastic, the 6641 Combo Wall Plate resists heating up to 145 degrees and guarantees discoloration protection. The durable material ensures that the plate will always return to its original form if bent or tampered with. This wall plate is made to last.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (H x L) 4.50″ x 2.76″
Material Polycarbonate Thermoplastic
Included Screws
Style Combination Coaxial Cable / RJ11 6P4C Jack Wall Plate
Gang 1-Gang
Certifications UL Listed
Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 2.76 × 0.65 × 4.5 in


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