15/125V Tamper-Resistant Outlet with Built-in LED Guide Light

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• Provides lighting assistance in dark hallways, bathrooms, staircases, children’s bedrooms, nurseries, etc

• An ambient daylight sensor detects the light level in the room, turning it on or off automatically

• Features a cool white color LED rated to last 50,000 hours

• Includes louvered lens to control brightness by directing light downward

• 15A 125VAC, tamper-resistant receptacles comply with 2017 NEC Article 406.12, UL listed

• Screwless wallplate sold separately

In-Wall LED Guide Light Receptacle: TG215TRGL

The TOPGREENER TG215TRGL takes a standard 1-gang duplex wall outlet and adds the convenience of a guiding light without a bulky plug-in. This power outlet with LED guide light features an ambient daylight sensor and in low-light situations, the sensor will automatically turn on the light to improve visibility for safety when navigating through dark hallways and rooms. In the daytime, the light remains off, saving energy and extending the bulb life. An optional louver lens cover fits over the light to diffuse and direct the glow downwards if desired. The bulb itself is extremely efficient with a rated life of 50,000 hours or about 10 years depending on use.

Use an LED guide light receptacle anywhere you would a standard15A, 125VAC residential-grade outlet. This product is UL listed, complies with2017 NEC Article 406.12, and comes with a one-year warranty.

Safety in the Dark

Guidelight outlets are best used for hallways or staircases with multiple receptacles to create a light path for navigating in the dark.

Child Safety

Its child-safe cover prevents children from accessing the screws on the receptacle outlet. The tamper-resistant shutters on the outlet prevent foreign objects from being inserted. The guiding light also reduces the risk of accidents associated with plug-in night lights.

Other Features

TG215TRGL is more than just a power outlet with an LED light. The TG215TRGL power outlet with guide light has tamper-resistant shutters, a fireproof enclosure, and a screwless design making it a safe, as well as a convenient and stylish, choice.

Order a TOPGREENER LED night light receptacle for your home today.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (H x L X D) 4.68″ H x 2.96″ L
Material Polycarbonate Thermoplastic, Steel
Power Rating 15A 125V
Style Guide Light Outlet
Gang 1-Gang
Poles 2-Pole
Wiring Back inserts or and side terminals (#12 or #14 Copper Wires)
Included Screws
Certifications & Compliances Complies with 2017 NEC, Article 406.12 for tamper-resistant receptacles, UL Listed
Weight 6.9 oz
Dimensions 2.0 × 1.7 × 4.3 in

5 reviews for 15/125V Tamper-Resistant Outlet with Built-in LED Guide Light

  1. Nelson

    Quality of construction of product is very good and easy to install. The only fault I had is that the full LED doesn’t light up there is a small portion on the right that doesn’t illuminate. I purchased 5 of these and they all have the same issue so maybe it is how they are. But didn’t use any of the filters and left the LED uncovered it produces a good decent amount of light enough to see step or if something was left on the floor. Over all great product would of been a 5 if the entire LED strip illuminated.

  2. LUIS B.

    The ONLY thing I didnt like and I noticed is that one of the outlets seems to get the plug stuck when inserting it. If it wasn’t for that I would give it 5 stars.

  3. stacy

    These plugs were exactly what we were looking for. Plugs with a little light for use in a hallway. Daughter likes it in her room as a nightlight. The only small criticism is that the light does not light all the way across and appears a little blackish on the right side. We installed 4 of these and all look the same. We initially thought they were faulty but all look the same. We did not try to exchange as the tiny amount not lit does not bother us.

  4. tyler and mary

    My wife installed these in the kitchen while I was at work, they are that easy to install. They look great in the kitchen as a under the cabinet lighting alternative. The loovers that are pre-installed are perfect for making the lights softly light somewhat down. No issues with trying to plug anything in, not too tight or loose.

  5. DanielleBaby3

    Not as bright as I would have liked, but still convenient and provides some lighting for our dark hallway

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