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3-Gang Metal Toggle Switch Wall Plate


• Measures 4.50″ height x 6.38″ length
• Easy retrofitting to any toggle light switch
• Made of solid chrome
• Heat resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees
• Impact and corrosive resistant extends product life in extreme environments
• Includes matching screws
• UL-listed

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3-Gang Polished Chrome Metal Toggle Light Switch Wall Plate


Made of solid chrome, providing high-impact resistance against heavy force. Limit access to wiring due to wall plate breakage associated with nylon and plastic covers. corrosion resistant material helps extend wall plate life in extreme environments. Non-combustible and heat resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees. Premium quality finish for easy cleaning and durable shine


Enerlites wall plates come in a variety of styles such as standard, midsize, over-size in 1-Gang, 2-Gang, 3-Gang, 4-Gang, 5-Gang, and 6-Gang configurations. Our wall plates adhear to top quality specifications, and are manufactured in an ISO9001 facility. They are also UL listed.


Wall Accents & Decoration

Replace any plastic or nylon wall plate.

-Provide style to any room
-Enhance appearance
-Easy cleaning


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